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Hayward T-cell-15

If you own a swimming pool and you are tired of cleaning the water after short intervals or by using expensive methods for chlorination, this article is the solution of all your problems. No more burden of heavy buckets of dangerous chemical like chlorine. This Hayward T-cell is a time saving and an automatic device used for the chlorination of water. The best remedy for a sizzling summer day is a good swim but your enjoyment is spoiled, when after getting out of the pool your eyes gets itchy and uncomfortable. This problem arises due to the cheap quality of chlorination used by the swimming pool owners for water cleaning. Hayward T-cell provides the pool owners an easy method to clean the water. This Hayward T-cell is designed to turn simple salt into a pure form of chlorine automatically. Hayward is an old company, around for almost Eighty years. They are renowned for their expertise in swimming pool department. Hayward’s technology is not only new but they also provide you an efficient and economical method for the chlorination of your pool water. By using Hayward T-cell salt chlorination technology the cost of traditional chlorine reduces by 50%. Durability is guaranteed by this company as their products are likely to last for almost five years. The product is approved by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) by testing it independently.

Top most recommended Hayward T-cell 15:

This article will enable you to purchase Hayward T-cell 15 by a trustworthy source. Trusting the company Hayward is not a tricky job, but the problem in online purchase of an item like this is to differentiate between an original product and a fake one. Due to its excessive demand, this item is sold by a lot of people but not all of them are selling the genuine thing. This article will help you to differentiate between such people.

Hayward T-CELL-15 Turbo Cell Bundle (Salt Cell + Generic Cleaning Stand)

If you want to accomplish cleaner, softer and clearer water than this Hayward t-cell is the best solution you are looking for. This Hayward t-cell is also known as replacement turbo cell.  It has many versatile features. It has a strong compatibility with Aqua Rite electronic salt chlorinators, which helps you in distributing free chlorine evenly throughout your in-ground pool up to 40,000 gallons.  The package includes 15 ft. cord and a basic cleaning stand.  It provides a union size of 2 inches plumbing. This package does not include GLX-FLO (flow sensor) and GLX-CELL-UNION (unions). The seller of this product offers free shipment as a bonus. With this Hayward t-cell, you can easily transform your water to give it a soft smooth feel. It will also help you in eye irritation and dry skin caused by cheap chlorine. The Hayward t-cell is very adaptable, it can be installed according to your existing equipment set up whether that is horizontal or vertical. It bids chlorine output of almost 1.45 lbs. for every 24 hours. This product is very budget-friendly for your swimming pool hygiene problem. You will be amazed by the miraculous results of this product.

Hayward T-CELL-15 Turbo Cell Salt Chlorination Cell for In-Ground Pools up to 40,000 Gallons

This Hayward t-cell comes with 3 years of warranty, it’s the best choice that offers durability.  This Hayward t-cell chlorinator is for 40,000 gallon in-ground swimming pools. It includes 15 ft. cable, which is a precise size for salt chlorination process.  Hayward t-cell has created a newline of turbo cells, which offers controlled solutions for chlorination. These cells are available in three sizes that are 15,000, 25,000 and 40,000. You can select size as per your requirement. Hayward is known as leader in salt chlorination, they have designed a new Gold line that enables you to select precise size. This product is made in USA. The item weighs roughly 4.2 pounds and its dimensions are 18.2 inches x 14.5 inches x 8.2 inches. The reliability of Hayward t-cell is known globally. To consume a clean and clear water you need this Hayward turbo cell technology. It automatically produces a renewed supply of chlorine that will keep your water clean and will solve all your sanitation problems.

Hayward T-Cell-15-W GLX Salt Chlorination Cell for In-Ground Pools

It’s been 80 years that Hayward has provided premium solutions for in-ground pools. By designing these ultimate high-quality turbo cells, Hayward has outdone other generic cells. This Hayward t-cell is especially compatible with Hayward Gold line aqua rite pro and aqua plus salt chlorination. This seller offers one year of complete replacement warranty. This Hayward t-cell weighs 4 pounds and its dimensions are 7.5 inches x 13.6 inches x 6 inches. It can be utilized as a replacement salt cell for 40,000 gallons in-ground pools. This product has a digital display of salts and it includes 8 LED status pointers. This Hayward t-cell is very adjustable, you can easily install it according to your existing equipment set up. It does not require a flow switch. The GLX-FLO (flow sensor) and GLX-CELL-UNION (unions) are not included in this package. With this Hayward t-cell, you can easily transform your water. You can also line this Hayward t-cell with Pent-air and Polaris pool automation controls. This product is independently certified by National Sanitation Foundation. This product will ideally solve all your health problems regarding eye irritation and skin dryness in your in-ground pools.


If durability and excellence is what you are looking, Hayward T-cell is your only choice. The recommendations given in this article are based on careful considerations of the people feedback. The pool owners who used these products have felt a huge positive difference. If you don’t want to waste your money than these Hayward turbo cells are the ideal solution for your in-ground pools.  For the past two decades, Hayward t-cells have proven their reliability by producing high quality products throughout America. The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) has certified Hayward t-cells independently for safe use with salt chlorination and automation systems. These cells hold longer lifespan and higher value than other ordinary low quality generic cells. By using Hayward T-cell salt chlorination technology the cost of traditional chlorine reduces to approximately 50%. Sturdiness is guaranteed by this company as their products are likely to last for almost five years.



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