Find out The Best Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers Review 2017

Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers


Small things have a big impact and surely make a difference. These small salt and pepper shakers are a beautiful addition to your home. They have intricate design that beautifies every detail of the bottle. These bottles have much capacity that makes it a more feasible and smart choice. They come in different material and shape that can take you to vintage times as they try to enclose the essence of old times in these miniatures.

Why is it a need?

Having these small intricately designed salt and pepper shakers is a need of the time as they can be kept on your dining table which will be easier for you to use spice according to your taste if its less in the food. They have peculiar designs to give a spark of vintage style.

Material Ceramic
Colors Many, from pastel colors to dark
Size Small
Shape Mason jar and many other

Best Recommended Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers

  1. This is the vintage style salt and pepper shaker which highly signifies your dining table by adding beauty to it. These salt and pepper shakers are made of ceramic which is of high grade quality and durability that lasts for a longer span of time. It is of such quality that it is a reliable product to have. These salt and pepper shakers by My Fancy Farmhouse is a stylish choice to make as these are specially designed after the inspiration from mason jar style. These salt and pepper shakers are best for putting it on your dinning table and even for giving it to others as a present on different occasions whether it is wedding, mothers day or any other event. The most eminent part of this salt and pepper shaker is this that it is environment friendly which makes it even more attractive as it is not made from harmful plastic or any other material. Furthermore it can be used over and over again keeping your budget balanced and your life too. After that it is very easy to use this salt and pepper shakers as to refill them is an easy task to do as you simply pop out the bottom stoppers and fill it up with your choice of salt and ground pepper. For My Fancy Farmhouse customer satisfaction is a priority hence they offer a money back guarantee with out any hectic and long questions. Hence it is surely a good choice to make.
  2. Now here is another option available to you which allows you to think with a wider prospective for your dinning room. Norpro Nostalgic Salt and Pepper shakers is one of the best shakers available to you for putting up on your dinning table. These shakers are specially designed in such a manner that take you back to older times giving you a spark of nostalgia. These shakers are made of tin plated steel which are painted in a very attractive and mesmerizing manner that it easily catches your attention towards it. After that it has much capacity that is of 10 ounces that allows you to use it for longer time and less need for refills all the time. It has large holes so that the salt and ground pepper can pass through it easily. After that it is very important that you keep good care of your things and stay hygienically clean so it is recommended to hand wash it with water so that it stays clean and intact from germs or bacteria. Norpro thinks differently and with its creative ideas it has brought this product to you so that you can have nostalgia of your good memories and times.
  3. One Hundred 80 Degrees is another brand in the row that has worked hard in this field and brought creativity and conventional idea together both at the same time. These salt and pepper shakers of very good quality that helps it to make it through the top list of quality goods. Talking about its design which is specially designed by keeping in mind the past era that is of 50s as the outlook of these salt and pepper shakers is a vintage style retro design along with art deco that makes it even beautiful utensil in the kitchen or even on your dinning table. The color of these shakers is light pastel color that is light blue and green with gleaming painted chrome tops which enhances its look altogether. After that filling it again and again is not a difficult task to do as it has silicone stoppers at the bottom of the bottle which makes it easier for you to refill it and does not ruin the look of it as well. The material it is made from is the stoneware which speaks of its durability and reliability as it will give you much satisfaction and a good companion in your kitchen or dinning table. To differentiate between salt and pepper the bottles has holes on the top which are shaped S and P to let you know which bottle has salt and pepper.
  4. Rustic Salt and Pepper Mason Jar Double Can Caddy by CTW Home Collection is one of its kind which makes it even more unique due to its design and structuring. The creators of this salt and pepper shakers have captured the old times in creation of these shakers which can enrich your dinning table with traditional items. The two mason jars are made of glass with chrome tops and as these jars are made of glass you can see which container has salt and pepper. It has big holes so that sprinkling the spice is easier for you. This rustic galvanized double can salt and pepper caddy is highly attractive that allures you towards it and provokes you to buy it due to its design, shape, style and durability. Altogether it is a smart choice to make.
  5. This Youngs Miniature Country Ceramic Mason Jar Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers is another version of vintage style. This salt and pepper shakers are made of high quality ceramic that may last for a longer period of time. The color of these mason jar shaped salt and pepper shakers is cream with black tops which is a beautiful color combination that makes it even more attractive. These bottles have decorative raised scrolls that add to its beauty and the letters S and P are engraved on it that specify which bottle contains which spice so that it is easier for you to differentiate between the two spices. To refill these jars is quite easy as the opening of it is at the bottom of the bottle with rubber stoppers. The top of the bottle is faux and are painted on which is not removable. It is the best choice to make to give your kitchen the look of country kitchen like in old times.
  6. KNL Store even has a beautiful salt and pepper shakers to offer that may enhance the look of your dinning table or be a good companion in your kitchen. These are yellow and green colored salt and pepper shakers which has a chicken wire basket holder along with it that gives it even more mesmerizing look that gives a touch of vintage times. As the style in which these bottles are made is the Tuscan French Country style that is the peculiar quality of these bottles and having these in your home gives a more traditional and enriching outlook to your kitchen decor. These bottles are beautifully crafted of ceramic as the work shows the skill of the creator. This is of such quality and design that it is optimal for presenting it as a gift to someone from your family and friends on their special events like mothers day, wedding or shifting to a new place. This can help you out in making a good choice as a gift for people or even taking it home along with you for yourself.
  7. There is a whole big variety of good salt and pepper shakers that may allow you to make choice of your desired one. Now this salt and pepper shakers by World Market are really attractive and funky at the same time. These salt and pepper shakers are made of ceramic which is of high grade. The color of these mason jar shaped salt and pepper shakers is red which looks very trendy on your dinning table. It has a white lid on top of it making the combination of red and white that is highly attractive and very bright. The design made on these jars is sleek and stylish salt and pepper is engraved on it with ceramic crafting which shows high skill and creativity of the designer. The capacity of the salt and pepper shakers is about 105ml each of the bottles which makes it a good choice as it will need less frequent refills. Over all it is an environment friendly salt and pepper shakers that does not harm your surrounding and durable as well.
  8. LA JOLIE MUSE has an even better offer to make for your ease and comfort. They offer you a set of salt and pepper shakers with free butter dish that is extremely beautiful and smart choice to make. This whole set is of white color which gives even prettier outlook and this will enhance your dining tables look as well altogether. This is an ideal thing to gift someone on different events like wedding, mothers day, birthday, or when some one is shifting to new place. They provide full satisfaction to the customer after purchase in form of customer care and they even offer a full refund and return of the product if any harm or defect is present in the product or any other reason is there. The capacity of each of the bottle is 3.8 ounces. The design on the set is skilfuly crafted that looks glamorous as it is hand finished. It is surely a intelligent choice to make to bring vintage look to your dining room or kitchen and stay in budget. Thereby it is a beautiful and amazing set that brings nostalgia to you and captures the old times in small miniature.
  9. Olde Thompson is another brand in the queue that brings innovation and creativity in their products with great delicacy. The salt and pepper shakers by Olde Thompson is of great quality that will surely mesmerize you and provoke you to buy it. The set of these two mason jar shaped salt and pepper shakers is made of glass that gives it a old look and you can see through it that which bottle contains which spice though the lid has big holes which are shaped in letter S and P. Another amazing feature of these mason jar salt and pepper bottles is this that it even has a handle with it which makes it easier for you to carry it. The addition of these bottles to your home will surely enrich the outlook of your home. This is a smart choice to make altogether as they keep customers as their priority by providing best quality service and product.
  10. Colonial Tin Works even has a good offer to make in your interest and favor. They make good quality salt and pepper shakers that are made of glass that is beautifully crafted and the design of these mason jar shaped bottles take you to old times as the outlook of these salt and pepper shakers is like the vintage times. These are mini mason jar which has much capacity that will need less frequent refills giving you time for other things. Hence it is beautifully made a good choice to make.

Final Words

Getting small things together makes a difference and makes it big. These small miniatures in your home would definitely enrich and beautify your home whether it is a decoration piece or miniature like salt and pepper shakers. The above mentioned salt and pepper shakers are of high quality and extremely durable. Having these in your home or on your dining table will give a vintage look and these are best to give it to your friends and family on different occasions for instance at the time of wedding, birthday or any other event.

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