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Solar Phone Charger


It is very important that you keep yourself connected with the world and to do so you need your devices working. It is very important that you do not let the battery of your device to run out. Hence here the light is shed upon the solar phone chargers which are an amazing tool to have which serves its purpose that is portable solar charger that can charge itself and charge other devices through USB ports and help you with its impressive features like LED torch and compass that may help out and to make it easier to carry along it even has hooks.

General Specification:

Furthermore talking about its extensive features it has durable body design that can survive hard as per the conditions and weather. It is made with best quality lithium-polymer that gives better result. It provides quick and safe charging. Much of its features are outlined in the table below.

Battery Premium lithium-polymer Battery Cells
USB Ports 2-3
LED Flashlight Yes
Compass Yes
Hooks Yes
Warranty Yes
Resistance from Water, dust, shock
Safety Protected from over-discharge, over-current etc


Best Recommended Solar Phone Charger with Their Key Features

  1. Hobest Solar Charger with LED Flashlight is an amazing charger for cell phones when you are on the go. It takes the sunlight to charge your cell phone. This solar charger has the capacity of 12000mAH which gives an edge over other brands. It has the premium polymer cell which supports your phone charging multiple times faster for instance it charges Iphone7 4 times faster and 2.5 times faster the Samsung Galaxy S5 and many more which makes it feasible for the travelers to carry along these solar cell phone chargers and connect their phones whenever their batteries are completely drained out. The solar panel works so efficiently that it charges itself under the sunlight for emergency purpose while outdoors. Hobest has given you more feasibility by giving two USB ports that is 5V/1A for smart phones and the other one of 5V/2.1A for tablets. There is maximum input of 2A that makes charging time less by 50% as compared to the 1A charger. While creating this solar phone charger Hobest has surely taken care of the quality and used A grade polymer cell that gives smart safety protection circuits. It also has the LED light indicators that clearly show you that how much battery it has and how much battery juice is remaining in it. Another bonus feature of this solar phone charger is the built-in LED flashlight as a torch which has three modes that are Steady, SOS and Strobe which is absolutely a great tool to use while you are on the go and it gears you up for night time traveling as well. This solar charger is so handy and made with such quality so that it could last longest with you in all types of conditions that is it has a solid and sturdy body that makes it resistant to rainwater splashes and it is shock proof as well. There is a hanger also so that you can attach it to your bag pack or even carry it along in your bag as it is a good companion on the go.
  2. iClever Portable Solar Power Bank is another name in the queue of best solar phone chargers. The design of this solar phone charger is intricately compact and small so that you may carry it wherever you want it as the size of this solar phone charger is even smaller then iphone 6s which makes it highly compact and portable. Furthermore this solar phone charger made by iClever is made with such in depth research that it uses solar energy to charge which is highly environment friendly and this even has the option of charging with USB port making useful in all times whether day or night it works and charges itself irrespective of time. This iClever solar phone charger has the high capacity of 10000mAH which is made of lithium polymer battery with over 500 times complete charge-discharge cycles which makes it even more efficient at charging and this device is equipped with technology of Over-charge, Over-load and Short-circuit protection which makes it a remarkable product that even saves energy rather wasting it. Another important point is this that this charger is even water-proof that makes it a more desirable product as you can easily carry it in different weather conditions and situations. This solar phone charger has another amazing characteristic that is the LED flashlight which has three modes that can be used in different situations like it has High, Low and Strobe mode to use according to the need. Such features of this solar phone charger makes it extensively a significant tool for carrying it along whether on business trip, hiking, camping or even for any emergency purpose. The most attractive feature of this iClever portable solar power bank is this that it guarantees it users a lifetime support guarantee along with 18 month replacement warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Such amazing features of this solar phone charger makes it highly attractive and thinkable due to its portability and efficiency.
  3. OUTXE is another well-known brand that delivers the best quality solar phone chargers. Now this OUTXE Rugged Power Bank is full of amazingly distinguished features. To start off with; it is best for the people who are usually on the go that is traveling most of the times whether for business trips or just for fun that is hiking, camping or even for emergency purpose. To cope up with travelling it has the toughest body that means it is waterproof, dust-proof and even shock resistant. And due to its sturdy body it does not slip off even. It also has the hook so that you can easily hang it with your bag pack or carry it whatever the way you want it. The innovation in technology is this that it is charged with solar energy that is it can recharge itself under the sunlight for outdoor purposes and brings ease to your life. It is made with highly efficient solar panels that quickly and smartly convert the solar energy and use it for its purpose. This technology makes it an eco-friendly product that saves your energy and keeps the surroundings neat and clean. Talking about its capacity is of great interest as it has the maximum capacity of 16000mAH which can charge iphone 6s 5.5 times faster or Samsung Galaxy S7 3.5 times easily and quickly. It does not lag behind in its durability and safety as it is made of premium battery cells and sophisticated smart ICs. The multifarious circuit protection characteristics of this solar phone charger keeps it safe from short-circuits, over-heating, over-charging and over-discharging. This solar phone charger is CE, FCC, RoHS certified product that makes it more reliable and trustable. Another feature that this solar phone charger beholds is this that it has LED flashlight which works on three modes that are Normal/SOS/Strobe which accompanies you in the dark as well keeping you safe and on the go without any hindrance or tension.
  4. Dizaul Portable Solar Power bank is another amazing solar phone charger that may ponder over to have one with yourself. To focus on its body is immensely important as it is made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material and with rubber paint surface process which makes it a durable product to have as all these features make it water-proof, shock resistant and even dust-proof. The football grain design has anti-skid protecting effect. This solar phone charger has dual USB ports and these USB ports are covered with rubber caps to protect it from water or any other hard and tough weather and terrains if it falls. This solar phone charger can easily charge your smartphones, tablets, or any other 5V USB-charged devices. It even has the LED light indicators to keep you informed about the power. This solar power bank is specially designed so that you can carry it easily wherever you go so it has the hook so that you can hang it on your bag pack whether you are going on camping, road trips or even long flights so that you can easily carry it. These features of this solar phone charger makes it highly reliable, durable and portable device that can bring peace to your busy life where you are always on the go and hurry.
  5. This another powerful solar phone charger is by Ayyie which is extraordinarily designed and shaped. This Ayyie portable solar power bank is the best tool that can accompany you in your outdoors as it is water-resistant, shock-resistant and dust proof which makes it the best tool in tough and all kinds of weathers. This is the best tool to carry along when you are going for hiking, camping or any other trip as this solar phone charger even has a compass that can guide you when lost during hiking or help you out to navigate the directions while hiking. This solar phone charger has LED flashlights so that it can even lead you in the dark as well making your night trips even more fun and easy. This Ayyie solar power bank has Dual USB ports which are covered for protection purposes as these ports are universal 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A that are available outputs for most of the digital devices making it more compatible solar phone charger. The 2.1A port can be used for the ipads and tablets whereas the 1A port can be used for the phone, blue tooth or any other 5V USB supported devices. The device is so intelligently engineered that it automatically identifies the other device and is most convenient and practical device. This solar phone charger even has the external back-up battery that is charged with the help of solar panel or the outlet. That brings you much ease in all times and conditions. This is highly a portable and reliable product as it is made with ABS+PC+Silicone that makes it stands out amongst the other brand solar phone chargers. It even has the hanger so that you can easily hang it and move around wherever you want to.
  6. Akeem is another brand that makes to the top brands list that make best solar phone chargers. Akeem Portable Solar Phone Charger is one of its kind speaks for its compatibility and usage with multiple devices simultaneously. This solar charger functions extraordinarily which is equipped with a solar panel which keeps the capability of charging itself with the help of solar energy making it environment friendly and allows conservation of energy. It has the highest charge output that is it has triple USB ports available which allows you to charge your three devices at the very same time. The three ports it has are of 5V/2.4A,5V/2.4A and 5V/2.4A which gives you maximum liberty to charge which ever digital device of yours. It has a weeklong 22000mAH capacity of charging your phones whether it is an iphone, Samsung or any other phone. Akeem takes care of your protection as well by keeping your device safe from over-heating, over-charging or any kind of short-circuit through safety protections. It even has the A+ lithium polymer battery cell with over 800 battery charge life cycles making it more efficacious at its job. Akeem works hard to maintain its healthy relation with its customers by providing the 24 months warranty and lifetime technical support so that there is full customer satisfaction after its purchase.
  7. QueenAcc is another well-established brand in the world of technology that brings best quality solar phone chargers. This QueenAcc portable solar power bank is one of its kind as it is with high capacity of 15000mAH with dual USB ports that can charge your two devices at the same time efficiently and quickly. It even has the LED light indicators as well that keep you well informed about the power so that you don’t run out of battery at any time of the day. In day time you can charge it easily with solar energy that is sunlight and in night time you may charge it with the outlet. It has the built-in lithium polymer cells and microchips which are of high quality and longer life span. It has more than 500 charge cycles that gives you more quick charging of your devices and lifetime. It is so smartly designed that it is dust proof so that you can use it anywhere you want and even has a hook for hanging along and taking it to all your trips. It is extremely compatible as it can be used with various brand devices like smartphones, tablets and much more. Over all it is a good choice to make.
  8. Youngfly Solar Charger Sun Power Panel Power Bank is another good choice to contemplate over. It has the biggest capacity of 20000mAH which is suitable for longer span of time that is if you are on road trips, long flights, hiking, camping and much more as it is compatible with multiple devices whether it is smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, blue tooth, cameras etc. This Solar phone charger has powerful LED flashlights so that it can help you in dark. It has dual USB ports so that you can charge your two devices at the same time. It has compact and stylish design that is much attractive. It even has a hook to hang it along wherever you go. The builot-in protection feature of this solar phone charger provides the over-current protection, short-circuit protection and over all protection. It even has a compass for helping you out in your directions on the go. It is a great solar phone charger to have.
  9. X-Dragons Solar Charger has mesmerizing features that allure towards it. This solar phone charger is foldable that makes it more compact device that is easier to carry along. This solar power bank has 3 premium solar panels for fast and efficient charging. It has dual USB ports that allow you charge your 2 devices simultaneously and quickly. The maximum capacity of this solar phone charger is 10000mAH which makes it much efficacious at its job. It even has LED flashlight that can be used as a torch in dark or in case of emergency. It comes with multi-protection that is it has rain-splash resistance, dust proof and even shock proof making more reliable device to have on the go. X-Dragon offers an 18 month warranty to its valuable customers so that they can have a lasting bond between them. Hence overall it is a smart choice to make.
  10. ADDTOP Solar charger is another best charger that can give you much ease in your busy schedule. This solar charger has the maximum capacity of 12000mAH with a compact solar panel which can charge easily with the help of sunlight. It has dual USB port so that you can easily charge your devices simultaneously as it is compatible with multiple devices whether it is a smartphone or yor tablet and much more. It even has the LED torch for helping in dark. Its exterior is made of leather sheath and ABS making it more durable and long lasting product that can survive different situations and conditions. It is shock-proof as well as rain-splash resistant so that you can easily carry it as it also has hooks to hang along your bagpacks. It even has a compass engraved in it. ADDTOP offers a 18 month warranty to its potential customers so that there is complete customer satisfaction after the purchase as well.

Final Remarks

In today’s time where everybody has a busy life and are always traveling for different purposes it is very important that they keep their devices charged so that they do not miss out something really very important. Before your device’s battery completely drains out it is better to put it on charging, but what if you are on a road trip or going for camping or hiking. The best solution to this is solar phone chargers that charge themselves with the help of sunlight saving energy and is environment friendly at the same time. These are the best handpicked solar phone chargers that standout and are capable of fulfilling your needs.

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