The Best Recommended Harry Potter Changing Mug Review 2018

      Harry Potter changing mug


Harry Potter is a very famous novel series of seven novels written by J.K. Rowling who was a British author. These novels are based upon the life of a Wizard, Harry Potter, and his two friends Ron Weasley and Hermione, all of them are student of Hogwarts School. The main story is about the struggle of Harry Potter against a bad wizard Lord Voldemort who wants to become immortal by using magical techniques. The first novel of this series has been published in 1997, its title was “ The Philosopher’s Stone, the second one published in 1998, named “ The Chamber of Secrets”, the third novel of this series was published in 1999, named “The Prisoner of Azkaban”, the fourth one was having a title “The Goblet of Fire”, published in 2000, the fifth novel came after three years that is in 2003, its name was “The Order of Phoenix”, the sixth one was published in 2005, and its name was “The Half Blood Prince”, and the last novel of this series has been published in 2007 whose name was The “Deathly Hallows”.

Since with the release of first novel this novel has broken the records of popularity, it has become the most favourite novel of young readers as well as the old age readers. Till February 2018, its 500 million copies have been sold. It is supposed to be the best-selling book series of the history. It has been translated into eight languages. The seven books of this series have been collectively presented into an eight parts film which is the third most popular film series till now. The main theme of these novels is death, and madness, the stories are based on fantasy, horror, romance, thriller, and adventure. After the great success of the film and the books, Harry Potter franchise has been expanded to many other fields such as painting, decoration items and calligraphy. Harry Potter changing mug is one of these items. These decoration items are very useful for home decor.

Unique features of Harry Potter changing cup.

These mugs are very different from the ordinary mugs used for having tea, or coffee. These mugs are heat sensitive, when we put some hot drink like coffee, tea or milk, the color of the mug gets change and a fantastic picture appears, it could be any character of Harry Potter stories, could be a treasure map or any other symbol related to Harry Potter.

Best recommended brands of Harry Potter mugs:

Here we are going to elaborate the features and specifications of different brands of Harry Potter changing mugs available in the market. This article will be very helpful for the consumers to select a best option for them which can fulfils their demands.

1: Magic Heat Sensitive Mug Harry Potter Coffee Cup Color Changing Porcelain Ceramic 12 Oz For Women Men Gifts

Magic Heat Sensitive Mug are sensitive of heat, when we put some hot thing in it, it’s design and color gets change. It is made up of best quality ceramic which is provided with the environmental protection. It is friendly to high heat up to 320 C, it is non-toxic, and free of chromium and lead. Its dimensions are 5.3 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches and its weigh is 12.3 ounces. It is microwave friendly but could be damaged in dishwasher. Its price ranges is in between $ 11.90 – $ 15.90.

2: Funny Heat Changing Mugs Harry Potter Hogwarts Treasure Map Heat Sensitive Color Changing Reveal Magic Morphing Ceramic Coffee Mug Porcelain Tea Cup Coffee Cup Funny Unique Xmas Funny Gifts(12 oz):

Funny Heat Changing Mug are heat sensitive, with something hot has been poured into this cup it’s color gets change and a treasure map appears on the surface of mug. These mugs can hold 12 ounces of any liquid, we can enjoy coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate and. milk in these cups. These mugs are very nice present for any ceremony like birthdays, Christmas, or Easter. They are not costly so are affordable for everyone. It changes the color at the temperature 70 C or above. It should be washed by hands as it is not dishwasher and microwave friendly. It is scientifically proven that it can be used for magic. It gives a very funny and nice feeling when we drink something it. Its color is black and it is made by high quality ceramic. Its price ranges is in between $ 15 – $ 20.

3: Morphing Mugs Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Marauder’s Map Heat Reveal Ceramic Coffee Mug – 11 Ounce (Parchment Paper Reveal)

These mugs are also heat sensitive and contain some names and secret phrases used to open Marauders treasures. The color of this mug is black which get change when some hot thing is poured into it. It is a best experience to have coffee, tea or any other drink in it. It can carry 11 ounces drink in it. It is made of high quality ceramic. It should not be put into microwave or dishwasher, it should be washed by hands. Its price ranges is in between $ 20 – $ 25.

4: Morphing Mugs Harry Potter Always Patronus Heat Reveal Ceramic Coffee Mug – 11 Ounces:

Morphing Mugs are heat sensitive mugs, made up of best quality ceramic. These cups have the capacity of 11 ounces. These cups are available in many colors, which get changed by putting some hot liquid into it and beautiful pictures appear. These mugs are produced in USA and are licensed. These are not friendly to microwave and dishwashers. They should be washed by hand. These cups are very good to be given as a gift on any occasion. The price of this mug ranges is in between $ 22 – $ 30.

Conclusion:  This article is worth considering for especially for those who are fond of Harry Potters’ series and look around for the accessories of Harry Potters. This article is designed for the customers looking for the Harry Potter’s changing mug in various colors and designs based on our personal experiences and customer’s feedback. This article contains the best recommended picks that we have selected for you considering to their cost effectiveness and the material. Besides material, they are being manufactured by the top most manufacturers in town.


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