Here is The Best Recommended Rechargeable Batteries Review 2017

Rechargeable Batteries


What if your portable DVD player stops while you are traveling. What if your camera’s flash does not work cause its showing the signal of dead battery. Well the best solution to that can be the best quality batteries. To be more specific the best solution to those needs of your could be the rechargeable batteries that can be recharged and used again in your multiple devices whether you are on the go and traveling to some place or whether you are at some coffee shop and enjoying music with your portable DVD player. There are number of things that get their power from batteries. Not only the devices for adults but many of the toys for kids run on these batteries. The most common things that every household has is the wall clock that requires batteries for keep going along with that these batteries are used in flashlights and even in the remote controls of your TV. Well that shows that many of our gadgets require batteries to run and make things work. Rechargeable batteries are the creative invention that creates less obstacles in your way.

Unique Features

These rechargeable batteries are amazing as they are not like disposable batteries. These rechargeable batteries are made of Nickel-Cadmium( NiCd) and also Nickel Metal Hydride( NiMH) which are effective combinations of electrode materials and electrolytes used. While on the other hand these disposable batteries are alkaline batteries. The material from which these rechargeable batteries are made of are highly competent as they can retain the energy for longer time and it can even recharge for much more times as compared to the old versions of rechargeable batteries this feature makes them even more tempting to have. Furthermore, any battery of any brand is specified with ‘Pre-Charge’, Low Self-Discharge’ or ‘LSD’ is more capable of retaining the charge for more years potentially rather than months as it was decades before. Moreover, these rechargeable batteries have more capacity and life cycle which depicts their competence and reliability that how efficient they are at work. Capacity of the rechargeable battery is the amount of time the battery will last which is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). While on the other hand, the life cycle of a rechargeable battery guides you about the number of times these batteries can be charged and discharged that is the cycle of charge of these batteries. Hence having both of these factors as high as possible in the batteries is in your favor as they would last longer. These rechargeable batteries are of great use but the point to be focused upon here is this that the alkaline disposable batteries run twice as much as these rechargeable batteries do but these rechargeable batteries can be charged again after they are drained completely giving you and edge over these disposable batteries and cost effective option as well. Hence it is recommended to go for the cheap and cost effective options in your life so that you can save more.

Best Recommended Rechargeable Batteries with their Key Features

Well there are number of reputable brands that have launched their rechargeable batteries which are excellent and are highly efficient. Below are few of them which are specified with their key features for your better and deep understanding.

Panasonic BK-3MCCA8BA Eneloop AA 2100 Cycle Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 8). This is a pack of 8 batteries by panasonic which have capacity of recharging about 2100 times as it has 2000mAh. Moreover they have no memory effect which means that you can recharge them whether they are fully or partially discharged. These Precharged batteries can be bought in $17-$19.

Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA Advanced Individual Cell Battery Charger Pack with 4AA eneloop 2100 Cycle Rechargeable Batteries (4 pack). Again these are Panasonic rechargeable batteries which are highly efficient and this is a pack of 4 batteries. They have unique feature of battery detection technology that is they automatically shut off when they sense that charging is complete. They cost you about $17-$19.


EBL 16 Pack AA 2800mAh Rechargeable Batteries with Battery Storage Case. Here is another brand which is making high quality rechargeable batteries that have safety assurance that is they are environment friendly and create no pollution and along with that it is 2800mAh with 1200 time life cycle. These are available in just $25-$27.

Panasonic K-KJ17KHCA4A Eneloop Pro Individual Cell Battery Charger with 4 AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries, 4 pack. This is another edition of rechargeable batteries by Panasonic which are efficient and have 4 LED light indicators on charger so that you know that the batteries are charging. The cost of these batteries is about $23-$25.

Panasonic BK-3HCCA4BA Eneloop Pro AA High Capacity Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4). These are the rechargeable batteries which can be recharged 500 times and 2550mAh type. They are available in $14-$16.

EBL Rechargeable AAA Batteries (16-Counts) High Capacity 1100mAh Ni-MH. This is another version of batteries by EBL that are 1100mAh type with 1200 life cycles. They are made with supercell lattice technology providing more life. They can be bought in just $15-$17.

EBL 2800mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries Ni-MH (8 Pack) with 8 Bay AA AAA Battery Charger. This pack of 8 batteries come with the 8 bay charger which provides you with quick charging of your batteries and it even has a storage case so that you stay organized and hassle free. They cost you about $24-$26.

AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries (8-Pack) Pre-charged – Packaging May Vary. These are rechargeable batteries by AmazonBasics which is reliable and durable at the same time. They have 2000 Capacity along with 1000 recharge cycles. They can be bought in $14-$16.

CIVICTOR 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Batteries Panasonic 18650 Battery Protected Button Top Cell Low Self Discharge 3400mah High Drain 18650 Lithium ion Battery 3.7v 3.6v Li-ion Flashlight Battery Box. Here is another rechargeable battery that is of great quality with best usage. they can be used for flshlights and many other things. It has dual short circuit protection. It has a durable plastic box for keeping it safe. This can be bought in $15-$17.

On the Way(TM)2Pcs Yellow 18650 3.7V 5000mah Rechargeable Lithium Battery with 18650 battery Charger. These are rechargeable batteries that can be used in laser pointers as well as in flashlights. They hold 85% charge for about 12 month period which is reliable. The travel charger fold up easily so that it is easier to carry. The cost of these batteries is $13-$15.

Final Words

Having rechargeable batteries is of great use as they are more environment friendly as they do not pollute the environment secondly it does not increase the land fills which is a big problem. They are handy and last for longer time saving your hard earned money. They hold great features that allure you to buy them. They are easily available and cost effective as well.

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