Highly Recommended SAUNDARS Traction Review 2018



As the world is developing due to new scientific research and technology new devices have been invented, the people have become lazy. With the passage of time exercise is almost finished, people spend their some time in sitting before a laptop or iPad and the rest of the day in looking at their mobiles. This ultimately effects their eye sight and causes back bone pain, cervical pain or stiff neck. Our back bone is a combination of many joints, these joints starts from the head and ends at legs. This bone hold the whole body and help us in sitting, standing and moving our face. By stiff neck we means that having a pain in neck, difficulty in moving the head and sometimes it cause a headache or shoulder pain. It is mostly appears when you wake up in the morning or sometimes due to pushing the furniture or staying in the bad posture for a long period of time. Mostly the people doing typing or office work for the whole day have stiff neck problems. It is usually finished within a week but depends upon the individual’s care.

There are many other causes of stiff neck problem. Such as sleeping with wrong postures and having a hard pillow, our pillow is not only necessary for comfort tut it is useful to give support to our neck and keep it in a right position during sleeping. The other cause of neck pain is sitting before computer or laptop in a poor posture or rapidly moving the head like a swing. Another cause is having extra stress or anxiety. Anyways whatever the cause is, this pain is so much disturbing, we need to cure it as soon as possible. There are many medical treatments and medications have been suggested by the physicians. The first thing the doctors suggest is taking rest for one or two days, it is an easy way to release pain by giving rest to the effected tissues. The other treatment is cold and hot therapy in cold therapy ice is applied on the point of pain for 24 – 48 hours it reduces inflammation, while on the other hand in hot therapy some hot thing is applied on the pain which increases blood circulation results in pain relief. Some inflammatory medication may also be suggested by the physician. Some equipment are also available in the market for the relief of neck pain. These instruments are named as cervical treatment devices.

What is unique about cervical treatment Devices?

These devices provide support to the check and hold is to stay in a right posture, they are made according to the shape of neck and relief the pain instantly. These devices give comfort to the back bone and provide relaxation. They are very easily installed and easily handled. Saundars Cervical traction device is most commonly used for this purpose. Customer’s reviews shows that it is very useful device, people who are using it are very satisfied.

Best recommended Cervical treatment devices for consumers’ choice:

This article has been created for the consumers to choose the best option for them, we are going to discuss the specifications of the most recommended brands of cervical treatment devices available in the market so that consumers could choose the one that is suitable for them.

1: Saundars Cervical Traction Device:-

It is a gold standard device used for cervical treatment. It is designed according to the shape of neck. It comprises of patented wedges for neck and moving neck wedges with knobs for more adjustments. It provide a comfortable posture to the neck. Its design is very simple, it is very easy to assemble and no adjustments are required. No wire is required for adjusting loop and three different angles are available in it which are 15 degrees, 20 degrees and 25 degrees. It is available in black colour and made of plastic. Its size is very small having dimensions of just 4 x 4 x 2 inches. Its weight is 7.4 pounds. It is only shipped with in US and APO/ FPO addresses. This item’s EAN Number is 0793494524786. It’s model number and part number is 199495-001. Its UPC Number is 793494524786. The price range of the above mentioned product is from $ 660 to $ 670.

2: DJO W5831 Saundars Cervical traction home traction device:-  

It is a device that provide unparalleled traction therapy which is just like the treatment given in clinics and hospitals. It provide a comfortable support to the neck. It highly satisfied the patient and relief the pain. It is provided at the angle between 15-25 degrees and a pressure of 50 pounds is applied by the pump. It is manufactured by a highly trained persons, its production is according to consumers demand .It is produced in China. Its design is very flexible. The materials used in its production are of excellent quality. Its height is 8.25 inches, width is 12.5 inches and length is 20.5 inches while its weight is 8.8 pounds. Its model number is W5831.It is not very costly as compare with the clinical treatment. Its price ranges from $ 650 to $ 660.


Lastly with the help above mentioned facts about stiffness of neck, taking a look on its causes and effects and discussing its treatment techniques we are able to make a conclusion. We may conclude that health is wealth. For living a happy life must be healthy. If a part of body is not fine or having pain the whole body will be disturbed. Neck pain is very swear in nature, a person having pain in his neck could not enjoy life and could not perform his every day’s activities, he cannot even move his head so this pain should be released soon. Saundars Cervical Traction is very good option to release pain as it is just like clinical therapy and it is very safe and easy to use. Most doctors recommend it for their patients. It instantly releases the pain by relaxing muscles. Its size is very handy, it is made by very skilled professionals so the working quality is excellent. People’s reviews shows that the patients are very much satisfied by its use. It works in a simple manner by holding in a specific angle and exerting an amount of pressure on neck by pumping. It is very comfortable and patient even enjoys its treatment. So I must say that it is simply the best choice for the release of neck pain.

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