Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer Reviews 2017

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer


Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Washers are the best tool available to cleanse of the multiple surfaces at home. Its diversity spreads over number of surface whether it is your carpet, hardwood floor, upholstery fibers or any other furniture it cleanse off everything. Cleaning is essential part of our life and to keep our family safe and healthy it is very important that the environment and house in which we dwell is neat and clean. It has distinctive features which makes it more reliable and durable to have it in your home.


It has number of specifications that vary from multiple surfaces cleaning to rotating brush for deep cleansing. It has dual tanks for keeping the water and dirt separate. It also has the technology of automatic detergent mixing which allows less mess to be created and less work to be done by you.

Why Hoover over other brands?

Hoover excels over other brands because of its distinct and unique features. Hoover works hard to maintain its repute and reliability over years hence they produce long lasting carpet washers and even provide warranty along with its products. The build of their product is done so efficiently that it stands out amongst all other brands. The power motor it has installed in its carpet washers is much strong then the others providing deep cleansing and removal of dirt, along with these features it has a larger tank for less refills of water and it has dual tanks as well as compared to single tank carpet washers which makes it more feasible and comfortable to use causing less mess around and less wastage of time. Hence it is a good brand to put your trust in and go for it.

Recommended Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer

  1. Hoover is an established brand that sells amazing power scrub carpet washer that helps you in cleaning your carpets efficiently. This carpet washer weighs about 19 pounds. It has 8 ft ready-to-use hose that allows you to reach to those places even where it is difficult to reach. It acts as a upholstery tool that cleans the stairs and tight spaces efficiently. It is extremely easy to fill, empty and clean with smart tank system making emptying and filling is easy with no mess which makes it very easy to use without wasting time. This carpet washer has a 360 degree cleaning ability surrounding carpet fibers. It has a brush that spins allowing a full cleaning by just not rolling but keeping itself in contact. To keep it clean the brushes can be removed and cleansed. This carpet washer has a DualV nozzle that provides suction of dust and dirt equally. This dries the surface quickly as it gives off heated air. There are 4 easy to access handles that are used for transporting it making it more mobile. The smart technology used in this carpet washer cleanses you carpet with soap and water and then it washes the residue of soap with only water keeping it clean. This carpet washer is intelligent enough to make the mixture of water and soap automatically according to the need making it more efficient cleaner. Hoover offers you a 2 year warranty of this carpet washer to prove its loyalty to its customers. It has multiple tools along with it in the package which makes it a even smarter choice to make.
  2. Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner is another model of Hoover that works efficiently in your home to clean the carpets. The deep stains on your carpet or across you home are properly cleansed by this carpet washer. The Quick Clean Mode of this carpet washer allows you to clean the carpet faster as this feature of this Hoover Carpet washer dries up the carpet quickly. Another eminent feature of this carpet washer is the Antimicrobial Spin Scrub Brush System that allows the cleaning of carpets more accurately as this feature of carpet washer prevents the formation of awful odors and bacteria in the tool while it is cleaning the mess created by the pets at home. The Rinse mode of this carpet washer washes off the carpet by forming a mixture of soap and water accordingly and then rinsing it off with water leaving no work behind for you to be done rather doing them all by itself properly and efficiently. The tank of this carpet washer is big enough that is 25 percent larger allowing you to work and clean the carpet interruptedly by the often filling of the tank. This is a good choice to make for big sized carpets at your home to keep them neat and clean and shinning all the time.
  3. Hoover Max Attract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220, is also a great carpet washer to opt for as it holds great features that may accompany you in your cleaning process and fulfill all your cleaning needs. Hoover invests much in research and development of its product so that they can be efficient in their purpose and innovative as well. This Hoover Carpet washer has pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning technology that easily removes the deep stains by relentless spray of pressurized water on that specific area making it more efficient and useful tool for the cleaning purposes. This washer has DualV nozzle that sucks the dirty water quickly so that the floor dries up fast and no marks are left and no water is left as it can be dangerous you may fall off by slipping over it. This washer has Exclusive Spin Scrub Technology which allows you to clean all the sides by rotating it in 306 degree angle making it more feasible tool for cleaning purposes. Another intelligent feature of this washer is this that it has Smart Tanks System which keeps the dirty and clean water separate in separate tanks making your work less messy and allows you to clean it individually making it more handy tool to use. Heated Cleaning technology of this washer allows the drying process to be elevated as its powerful motor gives of heated air to dry it up faster. A good washer that can assist you in cleaning and reducing your time at work.
  4. Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub deluxe 16oz Clean Plus 2X Carpet Washer is another model of carpet washer from the wide range of carpet washers from Hoover. This carpet washer weighs about 18.1 pounds that makes it easier to use and more locomotive. It a light weight carpet washer providing you with deep cleansing of your carpets at home. It helps you to dry the area quickly and washes off the stains efficiently by making the mixtures of soap and water and then cleaning it off with clean water. It does the complete job on its own and negligible labor work is required to do cleaning with this carpet washer.
  5. Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900 is another carpet washer of its own kind. The clean surge control is a feature of this carpet cleaner that allows you to have a proper cleaning by fingertip control application of extra detergent to those stains which are deep and to those areas which are heavy traffic that is frequently used. This washer has Exclusive Spin Scrub Technology that allows you to have cleaning by gently losing the dirt first around 360 degrees and then cleanses the carpet from all the sides also the upholstery fibers. This carpet washer has the feature of 3-Speed Brush Roll Control which allows you to set its speed according to your need or whatever the requirement is, if you need normal cleaning you may set it to High mode where as for spill pick-ups you can set it to off mode. This washer has Smart Tank System which keeps the clean and dirty water separate in separate tanks which can be refreshed individually. This runs on a 12Amp motor which keeps the capacity of cleaning the floor properly and efficaciously. Hence it is a good option available.
  6. Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V all Terrain Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine F7452900PC is another version of carpet washer from Hoover which is efficient in its work. This tool is for cleaning purposes and multiple surfaces that are it can easily clean your carpet as well as your hard surfaced floor. This washer has the Exclusive Spin Scrub Technology which allows 360 degree cleaning of your home. This can reach up to those places where it is quite difficult to reach. It gently loosens the dirt and then cleanses the surface and the upholstery fibers. Another best feature of this carpet washer is this that it has Smart Tank System installed which keeps the clean and dirty water separately and allows you to clean them separately. It also has the Automatic detergent Mixing System which combines the detergent and water according to the need and cleanses off the surface properly and accurately as per your desire. It has 12Amp motor that is powerful and strong enough to make this cleaning machine run efficiently.
  7. From the diverse range of Hoover carpet washers this Hoover Power Path Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50951PC is also of great quality and use when it comes to cleaning your floors. This is extensively durable product by Hoover. It has Dual Spin Power Brushes which allow you to work efficiently as they clean the deep down dirt from the surface. This carpet washer is light weight making it more mobile for you as it is easier to carry it along wherever you need it let be stairs or upholstery fiber, furniture or any other surface. To make it more locomotive it has 20 ft cord along with 8 ft accessory hose letting you work easily and comfortably. It also has Dual Tank Technology which keeps the dirty and clean water separate. The capacity of the tank is ¾ gallon tank which allows less frequent need for change of water. It has wide path nozzle which allows you to have cleaning path of 11 ¾ inches making a more versatile product for cleaning. Another smart feature of this washer is the fingertip solution control that allows you to clean specific area with ease by just squeezing the cleaning solution and letting it do its work. This washer has 16oz bottle for the solution and a mesh bag so that the work is not messy and your home comes out neat and clean. This a versatile cleaning machine with unique and useful features that may assist you in your cleaning and most importantly all in one tool for cleaning purposes.
  8. Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract 77 Multi Surface Pro Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine FH50240 is all you need if you desire an assistant in your cleaning. This surface cleaner machine works efficiently and amazingly on multiple surfaces. This machine includes a 32oz bottle of 2X professional strength carpet and upholstery detergent also 16oz bottle of hard floor detergent that cleanses the surface with their respective detergents accordingly. It also has Spin Scrub Powered Hand tool and upholstery tool for perfect cleaning. While on the other hand it also has the Auto Rinse feature which washes with the detergent in forward strokes and cleanses it off with clean water with backward strokes. This also comes with Exclusive Spin Scrub technology for deep cleaning so that your surfaces are clean and free of dirt and germs. This multi surface cleaner is smartly designed to fulfill its task efficiently and properly and it is also cost effective that is light on your pocket that will allure you to purchase it.
  9. The multifariousness of Hoover can be assessed by its long list of carpet washers. This Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V Wide Path Carpet Cleaner Machine F7412900 is of great features and quality. This carpet washer also has spin and scrub technology as well as automatic tank system for separating the liquids that is clean water and dirty water. It has the wide path nozzle so that it can perform its task efficiently and properly. Its strong 12Amp motor allows you to have deep cleaning of the surfaces at your home and its light weight makes it easier to carry wherever you want to. Over all it is a good decision to make to have this tool at your home to assist you in your cleaning and reduce your labor work by doing all the work itself.
  10. This Hoover Power Path Pro Advanced Carpet Cleaner FH51102PC is another highly regarded carpet washer in the market. It has Dualtech cleaning system which combines the technology of spin and scrub with powerful rotating brush roll technology to give deep cleaning of the surface. It has a 13 inch nozzle that provides cleaning on a larger surface area. The dual V technology allows you to have edge to edge cleaning and dual tanks lets you do the work uninterruptedly and easily and with less mess created. Hence it is a good choice to make.

Final remarks

Keeping yourself clean is a significant part of our life. But this cleaning is not restricted to us humans only but our environment and surfaces as well. And if cleaning is made easier with tools then it is a bonus for you. Hence Hoover has a solution to your cleaning needs and that is Hoover power scrub carpet washers that allow you to clean your multiple surfaces easily. Hoover has heterogeneity in providing you with the best carpet washing machines that allow you to clean multiple surfaces and reduce your work manually. The above recommended Hoover carpet washers are of great quality and the best features to help you in cleaning. They allow you to conserve your time for other tasks as well. It is highly recommended to go for these carpet washers that are light on your pocket as well.

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