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Food is the basic human necessity, without food a person cannot survive more than 3 to 4 days, so food is basic need of life. In ancient times human beings rely on fruits and raw vegetables because they never know how to cook the food. With the advent of modern civilizations along with other advancements human beings start cooking the food before eating it. This gives rise to the use of different spices and as the time goes on and advancement occurs people invent different styles of cooking. Three meals a day is a basic tradition followed in almost every part of the world, but the strength of breakfast is prior as the energy for whole day rely on it. We have to do many different tasks per day and breakfast is the one which gives us strength to do it. There are many traditions followed in respect to the menu of the breakfast, but mostly breads are used for early morning meals.

Breads for the breakfasts are prepared by using different techniques but the most easy and handy is to use a bread toaster for toasting the bread. Other ways for toasting are not only difficult but they also fails to produce desired results and this will directly affects the mood of the person and as a result the whole day of that person spoils. So the use of toaster is unavoidable. Now a days there is a variety of toasters available in the market with many different features and specialties but the most appropriate are the red toasters which are not only stylish but can easily fulfill all the requirements of a customer, these toasters are absolutely efficient and can enhance the look of a kitchen with its sleek and stylish designs.

Specifications of red toasters

Specifications of red toasters are as follows:

Two slice toaster

 Red toasters are offering two spaces for two slices to be toasted together. The slice slots are quite wide that it can toast any size of the slice, it can toast both the brown bread and white bread.

Extra wide spaces

 Red toasters offer extra wide spaces so that stuff other than the bread can be toasted in it like bagels, donuts and thick bread slices.

Multiple functions

They are capable of toasting in a way that the ends become a bit stiff and the middle area remains soft and a bit crispy. They can toast a bagel by making its core crispy and ends stiff. It has a function of defrosting with which it first defrosts the bread and then toasted it. After defrosting it will reheat the bread without changing its color to dark brown or like a burnt item. You can cancel any function at any time with the help of cancel button present on it. 


Red toasters are available in many different designs, some are looking so traditional while others are quite modern. You can choose the appropriate design according to the décor of your kitchen from the variety offered by different brands.


Red toasters are looking so cool because of their elegant red color and it can match the décor the décor of the modern kitchens.

Adjustable settings

These toaster offer adjustable settings according to the sizes of the breads, for thin slices you can choose the appropriate setting.


These toasters are made up of stainless steel.

Toast lift lever

The toast lift levers made it possible to check the process of toasting at any stage and it make it possible to prepare the food without being burnt.


Toaster has an inbuilt quality of ringing a beep when the slices are ready. This beep is not so loud and disturbing rather it is slower than the beep of your electric kettle.

Above mentioned specifications highlight the Excellency and need of red toasters while preparing your breakfast.

Best Recommended red toasters with their Key Features

There are many brands of red toasters; some of them are given below with their highlighting features. Following details gives a chance to understand the red toasters more deeply and to choose the most appropriate one according to your kitchen.

Fortune Candy KST011 Red 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel Toaster with Extra Wide Slot and High Lift Lever for Bagels, Retro Toaster with Bagel/Defrost/Reheat/Cancel Function,7 Toast Shade Settings

Available in bright red color. It has a polished finish made up of stainless steel. Easy to use because of its multiple functions like heating, toasting, defrosting and cancel buttons. It is equipped with various settings, which can be used for the desired results. Its power cable is placed under its surface for a safe use. It has a high lift lever which makes it possible to pick up the toasted slices without being harmed by the heat. Its toasting slots are enough wide to toast any size of the bread easily ranging from thin to very thick slices. The price of this product ranges in between 20 to 45 USD.

Kitchen Aid KMT2115ER Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever, Empire Red

It offers extra 2 slots which are wide enough to toast thickest slices. It can toast the bagels also and it has a cancel button to stop the toasting process at any stage. It is made up of metal. Its electricity cord is stored at the bottom of the toaster. It has a crumb tray which can easily separate the crumbs, and this tray makes it possible to remove crumbs without being messed. The price of this product is ranges from 29 to 49 USD.

Cuisinart CPT-320 2-Slice Compact Toaster, Stainless Steel/Red

It is made of stainless steel. It has a setting dial on it. It can defrost and reheat the bagel and it also provides a control function. It offers space for wide slices almost 1 1/2″. This product offers warranty of 3 years. It’s prices ranges in between 23 to 43 USD.

Nostalgia RTOS200 Retro 2-Slice Bagel Toaster

It is capable of toasting not only breads but also muffins and bagels. It has control buttons with defrost and cancel functions. Cord is stored at the bottom of the toaster. It has a very stylish look with retro design. It is very powerful that it is operated on 900 watts. It offers 5 levels of browning. The price range is 16 to 36 USD.



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