Star Shower Motion Laser Light Projector

                                   Star shower laser light projector

What simple task do lights do? They light up our lives. We Humans have always been impressed by glittering lights, steady lights and dancing lights. Whether they are the lights of a restaurant that sends a huge beam of light in space to let the people know of its location, or the lights at fountain that look as if they are dancing when spread through water or even the lights at the disco clubs that make you go into ecstasy. But there comes certain occasions when we need lights for our houses and for our own settings, lights that we use to light up our area for different sorts of occasions. Occasions like Christmas, marriages, parties or even dinners. To impress our friends into thinking that we have a beautiful home and we know how to decorate we use them. But there are many types of lights for that purpose. But nothing beats the classical shower laser light and give a starry impression to your house. Now there are various brands and companies that provide top quality laser lights that have the ability to light up your house and give a beautiful outlook to your house. These kind of laser light are very common and have a good market. So due to the high market there are many brands that make them so that they can make a fortune out of them. So in order to compete with the big shot companies, such brands try to make their products better and with better quality, but when that doesn’t seem to happen, they try to lower down the price of their product. But this cheapening of their laser light means that they have compromised on the quality and the durability of the product which makes it faulty and of lesser quality. In order to make you get rid of all that fuss we have reviewed one of the best laser light projectors and that is Star shower laser light projector. Star shower is a best-selling brand when it comes laser lights, but why? The answer to this question is pretty much simple and direct, and it is that they don’t compromise on the overall quality of the device, moreover they give you the best led display. So that is their secret of being the best sellers. But even after being the best sellers it is important to check whether they are worth your money or not, so we tried to review star shower laser light projector and then compared it with a few other brands so that we can see whether its specifications compete with that of other brands or not, and if they are lesser than other brands that would could be the possible reasons. But before moving to the review it is first important to check the specifications of star shower laser light projector

They are the abilities and qualities that a device has. Before buying a device or a machine it is important to first check its specifications because that allows the user to check the capabilities of the device they are buying. Moreover in order to avoid from the all the trouble of getting your device changed because it didn’t suit your needs, it is important to check the specifications first. In case of laser lights its specifications are its quality, its interface, the colour combinations, weather resistance and lastly the safety.

Colours matter a lot when buying a laser light, as buying a device with lesser or low quality colours can ruin your party and your preferred outlook. But star shower laser light projector won’t disappoint you. It comes with 2 colours, red and green which are quite vibrant too. So star shower laser light has the best colours and the kind of quality that all other brands can’t provide

If you have a large house or a setting where you are installing the laser light, you would need a laser light that allows you to do so. Star shower laser light projector covers an area of over 1066 yards or 3200 feet from a long distance. So this means that with this you can cover up a large area, if it is not enough than you can buy 2 or a few of them. But star shower laser light projector has the most area that it can cover when compared with other laser lights.

Determining which colour combination suits your party the best depends upon whether the device has different colour combinations or not. Star motion comes with different static and motion colour combinations, hence allowing you to choose the right combination which would suit your party.

Quality of the product and quality of the laser light display are the first things that come to a customer’s mind when they are buying a product. There are lots of brands that produce cheap quality products but star shower laser light projector is known for its best quality products. This laser light is made from hardened plastic of good quality which makes it durable. So the quality of this device needs not to be worried about.

Because these laser lights are used outdoors it is important to check whether they are weather proof or not. Star shower laser light is weather proof and it is water proof as well, which means that it can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and outdoor environment too. And also save you from the trouble of getting your device repaired again and again because of malfunction during tough weather conditions.

Interface is really important when it comes to electric devices. Star shower laser light projector has the best and the simplest interface, which means that once you press the button, the laser light setting will change, pressing it again and again will result in change of colour combination. Moreover this laser light comes with a light sensor as well which allows the device to turn off automatically during bright light.

The credibility of a seller is checked with the warranty and the customer service they provide. Buying a device with no warranty can cause the customer lots of trouble in getting the device repaired or changed. Star shower laser light projector saves you from all that fuss. They provide their customers with the best quality materials in the first place, but if its gets faulty, they provide their customers with a good warranty and an invaluable customer support so that the customers can get their devices repaired without much trouble.

Based on these specifications, we have reviewed star shower laser light projector and compared it with a few other notable brands.

Star Shower laser light projector:

This is one of the best laser light projector available in the market today. But what makes is so great is that it is laced with the best specifications. Moreover it has the best quality and a durable design as well. Star shower is a global company which sells the best products in the cheapest of price. The product comes with a dual colour laser show, the 3D holographic red and green laser light not only enhance the general outlook of your house but also leaves no reason to impress your guests.  This product is water proof, so this means that whether it is stormy outside, or surrounded by a bunch of kids or even a water source, it won’t trouble you much to change its location. It is made with the best water resistance technology which satisfies the customer to a very good extent. Moreover it is all weather proof which means that it can pretty much withstand all sort of weather conditions outside. It comes with a quick setup mounting stake system and a very powerful power adapter. The mounting stake system allows the user to set this device up in a matter of just a few minutes without much trouble. The power adapter is made with the best quality material which doesn’t overheat and gives optimal power supply to the device. The laser light comes in 2 colours, red and green. But these 2 colours have seven different setting. Which are Red and green motion, green motion, red motion, static red and static green. These beautiful colour combinations allow the user to set the device up according to the ambience. For example, during Christmas one would prefer static lights to enhance the overall beauty of your house. And while parties the user would want the dancing lights to captivate their guests. This laser light from star shower is one of the best products in the market. It allows you to beautifully and elegantly light up your landscape or your house for all sorts of events and all sorts of occasions. The technical information of the product is that it can cover an area of 3200 feet or 1050 yards and from over 100 yards away which means that it can manage large areas efficiently without giving you much trouble. Moreover this product is all weather resistant which allows you to use it in any outdoor setting without worrying about a malfunction. It also comes with a light sensor which turns it off automatically when the light is too bright or its day. Apart from this it is made with high quality electrical materials, which not only allow you a brilliant display but also save a lot of money of yours as compared to other devices. It comes with the star motion official warranty, which can be claimed and also star motion is known for its good customer care. This brilliant laser light can be bought between 29.99$ to 49.99$.
COOWOO Christmas laser lights Projector:

It is weather proof which means that it will work just fine and perfectly and all weather conditions. Moreover it comes with water proof design, which allows you to place it near water or a fountain or a swimming pool or even near kids without worrying about malfunction of the device due to water. It comes in 2 colours, red and green. It has the same combinations as the star shower laser light projector. And it also has a 1 year guarantee and an impressive 30 day return package. This laser light from COOWOO can be bought for just 21.99-42.99$. It is cheaper than the laser light from star shower. But why is it cheaper than star motion when it has the same specifications? Well the answer to that question is that it doesn’t. It covers a total area of 600 yards while the laser light from star shower covers an impressive area of 1050 yards. So this means that in order to cover the same area, you would have to buy two devices from COOWOO and that would cost you double. And its price would eventually go higher than the star shower laser light projector.

JD Laser Lights Landscape Projector Laser Beams:

They come in two different colours, red and green. And have different colour combinations as well. It can be bought at just 29.99-49.99$. Its price is the same as its counterpart from Star motion. But has it got the same specifications or better? This product comes with an IP65 water proof technology which allows it to withstand all type of water threats. It has a bullet proof casing, which allows it to be weather proof as well simultaneously. It comes with an auto off timer of 4 hours, which means that the device will turn off automatically after 4 hours of usage. It can cover up an area of 600 yards. It is a very good laser light and produces 1000 points of light. But it can’t beat the laser light from star shower. The star shower laser light has a light sensor which turns off the device when it’s bright day. Secondly the star shower laser light projector has the ability to cover an area of over 1060 yards which is roughly two times more than that of JD. Moreover this laser light hasn’t got any warranties.

Product description COOWOO laser light Star shower laser light JD laser light
Effective area 600 yards 1066 yards 600 yards
Colour combination Red and Green, dancing and static Red and Green, dancing and static Red and Green, dancing and static
Weather-proof Yes Yes Yes
Auto-off No Yes, light sensor Yes, 4 hours timer
Warranty 1 year Yes, star shower Not specified
Price 21.99-41.99 $ 29.99-49.99 $ 29.99-49.99 $


Final Verdict:

Due to the very good market of laser lights, there are numerous brands that started producing them. But one brand enjoys a clear niche over other brands. And that is because that brand, the infamous star shower produces its laser lights with the best quality of materials, also they allow the user to have the best experience. Their devices when compared with other brands came out to be better in so many regions. They don’t charge extra, provide a good warranty and give you the best product. What else are you looking for?


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