Striiv Fusion; Your Digital Health Companion

Striiv Fusion

Striiv fusion is an activity tracker watch which controls all your activities that includes your sleep pattern, your daily goals to be achieved, your footsteps, running time, heart rate, stress measure, oxygen measure, water intake etc. It tracks your every step, distance, active minutes and furthermore it also tells us how much calories you have burnt or you need to burn? The best part of this smart watch is Notification status, via which we can receive phone calls, SMS and other social platform notifications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. The striiv fusion is available in three different colors such as red, black and blue. The box of striiv fusion includes swappable bands which is available in different colors and we can change it according to our matching clothes. This is the lightest weight smart watch and it weight is only 20 grams and we can easily wear it during whole day. The smart watch can track your sleeping pattern and set vibrating alarms for you moreover you can adjust your music player with it also.

Why Striiv Fusion?

The Striiv Fusion is your heart rate machine which calculate your every heart rate, heart beat and it works 24/7 for you. It takes your sleep quality, your daily walking pattern, your daily exercise and many more. Your heart beat is now a just one click away from you and its application records your heart rate for the rest of the time. We have compared its heart rate testing and it has given us 94% better and accurate results as compare to the other smart watches because it calculates your every active minute routine. This one is the best for all heart-patients especially. It has a special heart button which tells us the position of your heart beats, is it normal or not. If not, what precautions you should take and it also give us message “Don’t Move, be seated”. If you jog too much and your heart rate increases, it delivers us a message to rest for 15 minutes.


The striiv Fusion doesn’t have built-in USB charger, for charging it you must put it in a cradle and connect to it via USB charger. It will completely charge in almost one hour and in return it gives us 5 standby days of usage which is fair enough. Striiv fusion is the slimmest and light weight smart activity tracker which you can carry all day all night without any worry. It is the stylish device which gives the fashion statement because it has swapable bands that are present in many different colors. This activity tracker is only water resistant means we must take care of it during swimming, diving or rain. The heart beat calculator of this watch has performed way better than all its competitors. It doesn’t have built-in USB charger point that impacts a bad point because mostly activity trackers have that, other than that it has performed very well.


Specification Striiv Fusion Garmin vivo 3

Felis tracker watch

Garmin vivoactive Garmin vivosmart HR+

Egiant Tracker watch

Kobwa fitness Tracker

Luxsure Fitness tracker Felis Tracker Watch
Heart Rate Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
OLED No No Yes No Yes yes No No Yes
Battery Up to 5 days Up to 6 days Up to 7 days Up to 4 days Up to 5 days Up to 7- 10 days Up to 5 days Up to 15 days Up to 7 days
Quality Good Fine Good Good Good Good Good Fine Good
Slim Yes yes Not much No Normal Normal No No Yes


Recommended Striiv fusion:

Following are the top most recommended health companions for you known as Striiv Fusion

Garmin vivo smart 3:

Garmin vivo smart is the sleekest activity tracker watch which is packed with high resolutions and it is much better and 4mm thinner than Garmin vivo smart other tracker watches. It has given us the best possible display in which the best part is its hidden display which doesn’t allow to overweigh the style. Vivo smart 3 measures V02 Max which is considered as worldwide best measure moreover the watch provides us the full stress relief by giving us the opportunity to enables users to calculate the high-flown stress. It also monitors your stress furthermore the activity watch is your best exercise companion because it counts your every step, cycling, walking, rest time, remaining time etc. Briefly, it is one in all and the best activity trainer.

Felis Fitness Tracker:

Felis Fitness Tracker is a complete package in one watch. The tracker is loaded with so many excellent features such as distance calculator, calories burn calculator, sleep measure table, pedometer and so many more. It also provides us the SMS access also by which we can get SMS reminder even though we can receive reminders on our social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. With all these brilliant features, it has also some great options such as camera control via remote, find your phone, lost phone and full sports reminder. Felis tracker is so good for the heart patients because it works for wrist-band heart rate and tells you all on-going heart condition. The tracker is carried with trendy and stylish OLED high definition screen which looks so catchy plus its size is only 0.86 inch with brilliant colors and very well-balanced brightness. It clearly shows us the date, clock and remaining battery power. You can charge this fitness tracker anytime anywhere, you don’t need of any wire or cable because it has built-in USB plug which we should insert inside the USB port to charge. This is the best feature and we can charge it during our exercise time also furthermore its battery is long-lasting. It takes one hour to charge and in return it gives us 7 days standby time. It is compatible with android version 4.4 or above than that, if we come to IOS then it supports IOS 7.1 or above versions.

Garmin Vivo active HR GPS smart Watch:

The Garmin vivo active HR smart tracker watch carries dimensions of almost from 5.39’’ inches to 7.68’’ inches which is approximately 137 to 195 mm. It is packed with high resolutions capacitive touch screen moreover it is GPS enable smart watch that can also read the sunlight. This watch also works for heart patients in which it monitors the heart calculation of user’s whole day moreover it tells us heart rate day and night. These all heart activities are working without any additional strap plus hear rate doesn’t work while swimming. We can set any notification from our smart phone and paired with this smart watch to get its notification on time, this feature is known to be as SMART notification.

Garmin vivo smart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker:

Garmin vivo smart HR+ regular fit activity tracker is one way ahead than its previous watches it is available with GPS integration that allows the satellites very quickly to calculate the accurate track where you do your jogging, exercise or any other health related thing even it works under the tree also. This watch calculates each step even though it fully records your distance, place and much more. It works during walking, running even in virtual pacer too. This Garmin vivo smart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker tracks your whole routine of full day which includes your swimming, running, walking, biking etc. and you can manually also set the time of any exercise. It is also capable of calculating heart rate, heart monitoring whole day with full perfection. The new and latest feature of this smart watch is water tracker in which it tells us how many glass of waters should take daily, if we have taken half of them then how many are remaining. The size of this Garmin vivo smart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker is varying from 5.4” inches to 7.6” inches which is almost 136 to 192 mm furthermore the regular size is almost 7.1” inches to 8.8” inches which is almost 180 to 224 mm which is bigger than the normal size.

Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker Bracelet:

Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker Bracelet is your daily calculator which calculates each step of your routine which contains your track steps, your every distance, how much calories you have burnt, sleep calculator and your daily exercise, jogging plan. It has some also latest features such as remote control, calling emergency phone if you lost your phone furthermore this watch has access of SMS notification moreover we can get notifications via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker Bracelet also monitors your heart rate, heart calculation and every measurement related to your heat. It has 0.9-inch LCD capacitive touch screen which allows the users to easily slide and change the screen function.  This device has also built in USB charging ability which is very helpful for the users to fully charge their device without any wire. It gives us 7-8 standby hours and charging time in only one hour and fifteen minutes. It is compatible with android version 4.4 or above than that and for apple users it supports IOS 7.1 or above versions.

KOBWA Fitness Tracker X9 Plus Smart Band Bracelet:

KOBWA Fitness Tracker X9 Plus Smart Band Bracelet, a perfect smart watch with quality. It is made with soft silicon body and full alloy case which makes its look more promising whereas its size is only 0.95” inches with the OLED big touch screen. The device is totally waterproof and you can wear it via diving or swimming. The battery installed in it is 100 mAh lithium polymer that provides us very long-lasting time. The KOBWA watch provides us heart measurement and oxygen measurement, so it is one step further from other watches. It calculates your heart rate and oxygen rate also whereas it also contains static and dynamic measurement if your heart or oxygen needs any help. The KOBWA Fitness Tracker X9 Plus Smart Band Bracelet also works as your sleep calculator in which it wakes you up with some soothing and peaceful sounds plus you can set alarm also with vibrating factor. This watch has access of SMS notification moreover we can get notifications via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

Luxsure Fitness Tracker Watch:

The luxsure fitness tracker watch is multifunctional watch or we can say it has all main smart watch functions. It can record your sleep pattern, your calories full record, date and time notification, alarm, your music set up and everything is in your smart watch. You can control your camera also with the help of this luxsure fitness tracker watch. It has waterproof OLED super touch screen which protects you from rain and helps a lot while swimming. Battery life is very good because it takes only 30 minutes to charge completely and in return it gives us 15 days of standby. The device is super slim and the weight is only 28 grams.

Felis Fitness Tracker Watch:

Felis Fitness tracker watch has also all the features of smart watches such as heart rate calculator, sleep calculator, Call reminder, waterproof and it is compatible with android or IOS smart phones. The perfect OLED touch screen gives us the best display screen which shows us every desired notification furthermore it is your perfect partner while doing exercise. The Felis Fitness tracker watch is only 0.86 inches and it takes only one hour to charge completely. It gives us 7 days of standby power.

WFCL Fitness Tracker:

WFCL fitness tracker watch is just a perfect watch in every sense because it is packed with Bluetooth version 4.0 with the full protected waterproof screen which prevents the smart watch from rain, swimming and diving.

 LETSCOM Fitness Tracker Watch:

The LETSCOM fitness tracker watch is the slimmest tracker among all other trackers furthermore it has all main features such as pedometer, sleep monitor, jogging calculator etc.


We provides you with the best recommendation to find out your best health companion; a Striiv Fusion. This amazing companion helps you in maintaining your health and helps you in planning your daily routine life with the best health interventions. Therefore, if you are looking for the best Striiv Fusion to plan your health on daily basis, this article is worth investing for.







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