Top Most Recommended Bee Balm Plants Review 2017

Bee Balm Plants


Plants are those living things which enhance the beauty of every surrounding. They not only increase the beauty but refreshes the atmosphere. There is a huge variety of plants that can enhance the beauty of your place. There are multiple species of plants that serve various purposes. Plants can play a vital role in different fields. Bee Balm is a type of plant which is extremely beautiful and useful. They are best for planting at home or at your workplace. These plants have a beautiful and attractive scent that spreads a beautiful fragrance in its surrounding. The name Bee Balm is used for two different plants that are Monarda Didyma and Monarda Fistulosa. They both are similar yet different in some ways. This Bee balm plant is from the mint family. These bee balm plants are not only attractive to humans but to the humming birds and butterflies as well due to their nectar, vivid colours and scent. These are grown in open and airy fields which attract other pollinating insects that cause the process of pollination to take place.

Special Features

These bee balm plants behold special characteristics that are unique and distinct. These bee balm plants are from mint family hence they have a sharp flavour and minty as well which is quite strong flavour. It gives a burst of mint flavour. These bee balm plants not only enhance beauty but can be brought to various purposes. These bee balm plants are edible as well. They can be used in cooking of different dishes as there are various dishes in which these bee balm plants are used as an ingredient. These bee balm plants are used for making tea as well as they have such a strong and soothing flavour. As history marks that these bee balm plants were used to make tea right after Boston Tea Party in place of English Tea as it was like by many people. In the very beginning these bee balm plants were scarlet and intense purple colour which had long tubular shape which is quite different from other plants. Though they have nectar but it is quite difficult for the bees to get the nectar from them hence they are more of centre of attraction for the humming birds and butterflies. Another very useful feature of these bee balm plants is this that they are used for the medicinal purposes as well. These bee balm plants are used for calming aromatherapy treatment. Moreover this can be very helpful in sore threat, congestion and even in fever. The bee balm can also be used as an antiseptic or antibacterial due to its characteristics by soaking in the cloth in its tea and using it as a compress. The benefits it provides does not end here rather it can act as a pain reliever as well by making an ointment out of it and it can even speed up the process of healing of small wounds and bites of insects. Above of all it reduces the menstrual cramps that females have. It improves your digestion and all of the regulatory system. People who suffer from insomnia can make a tea with it to relax themselves and bring peace to their mind and can sleep peacefully and easily. Its soothing power helps you to stay healthy and fresh.


Bee balm plant is easily grown in the normal garden soil. It really does not need hard work but passion and affiliation to grow well. It requires heavy clay soil for best growth. Moreover it needs sunlight and shade is also important for it hence you need to place it where there is sun and shade both. You can stock the edible leaves and flowers of bee balm plant after you harvest them by drying them and keeping them in a bag which should be kept in well ventilated area.


As bee balm plant is a plant that is edible and used for medicinal and other purposes it is very important that you take care of certain points that are if you have thyroid issue you may be cautious while you ingest it. It is very important that females who are pregnant should not take it internally as it is a critical phase. rubbing of bee balm leaves on your skin acts as a repellent of mosquitoes and insects but to some it may cause irritation or problem in sun if they have sensitive skin. It is always recommended that whatever new you take you should always consult your doctor and then carry on with it.

Best Recommended Bee Balm Plants with Their Key Elements

Here are few suggestions for you.

Bee Balm Seed Packet Assortment (4 Individual Packets) Open Pollinated Seeds by Seed Needs. These are quality seeds for bee balm. This has 4 different packets of bee balm. It costs you almost $10.

Outsidepride Monarda Citriodora Lemon Bee Balm – 5000 Seeds. Here is another bee balm plant seeds in huge quantity. The blooming colour of these are lavender to pink which looks very beautiful. It costs $5-$7.

Proven Winners Pardon My Purple Bee-Balm – Monarda Pardon My Purple – 19cm. These are most compact yet large flowering plant. This can be bought in $19-$21.

Package of 300 Seeds, Panorama Mixed Bee Balm (Monarda didyma) Non-GMO Seeds by Seed Needs. Here are again quality seeds of bee balm plants which will spread out and give you the best results. It costs $3-$5 as they all are non-GMO based seeds for growth in current and following year.

Fire Marshall Bee Balm> Monarda ‘Fire Marshall’> Landscape Ready 1 gallon Container. This is another offer for bee balm plant seeds which gives quality seeds that are landscape ready. They cost $19-$21 as it comes with the container.

Type Perennial in Zones 4 to 9
Planting Time Spring or Fall
Features Showy Whorled Blooms,Leaves with orange and spice aroma.
Light Partial Shade
Soil Rich, moist, pH 6.0-6.7
Spacing 18-24 inches apart
Plant size 3 to 4 feet tall, 18 to 36 inches wide

Bottom Line

Bee balm is a perennial plant hence it is more beautiful and attractive in its later years and you can share its divisions with your friends and family. It is a tough plant that is a all-rounder due to its unique features as it is a source of attraction to vegetable growers, gardeners, and even humming bird watchers as this plant attracts much of humming birds and butterflies along with bees.

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