Top Most Recommended Martian Notifier Smart watch Review 2017

Martian Notifier Smart watch

There have been many smart watches in the market lately that have a digital display, can make calls, open certain apps and do lots of other things as well. These led watches can be connected to the smartphones even. Apple introduced its flagship smart watch and it was the best digital watch in the market when compared with other. There have been other brands that have tried to copy apple but haven’t been anywhere near the original smart watch from Apple. But digital watches aren’t so cool anymore, there displays are out of the context and their prices even touch the skies. So the world shifted from a digital smart watch to an analog smart watch with a smaller display and a bigger dial for the watch. This analog watch has the ability to give notifications and even track location up to a very good accurate position. There have been many brands that have produced the analog notifier watches. But there is this one brand and their particular type of watch that no brand can beat. And it is the flagship Martian Notifier Smart watch. This great looking watch is our center of attention in this review. We have tried to review this smart watch based on a certain specifications and we think that it is the best among other brands. So before moving to the product review we must first see the parameters on which we have tested and reviewed this device. These parameters are the specifications.

Specifications are the qualities and abilities of a device or a machine. It is really important to overlook the specifications of a device before buying it because it tells us what has the device got in it and what are its capabilities. It’s better to first check the specifications and then buy the device because that way it saves you from a lot of trouble from exchanging the product in case you got something that you didn’t want or desire. In case of a smart watch its specifications are its quality, its interface, its design, its display, its straps, its battery life, the features it has and lastly the warranty.

Quality is the first and the foremost concern of a buyer when he is looking for a smart watch. Smart watches basically come in different qualities and sizes and shapes. Because there are so many brands out there who are trying to make a living from them and selling their products. But because of some great brands, the local brands try to make their device cheaper so that they can be sold easily and they use that for product advertisement and they argue that their products are cheaper compared to the other brands and offer the same. But that is not the truth. In order to lower the price of a product these local brands, they try to compromise on the quality of the watch. This compromise is at first UN noticeable. But with time the watch wears off, its color starts to wear off, it starts to become rusty. Moreover because this is a smart watch and uses electric interface, so the watch becomes faulty and stops responding after a few days of use. But Martian is known for its best quality products. And this Martian notifier smart watch has been made with the best quality glass, best quality straps and even the best quality machine which makes this smart watch not only durable but also trouble free for the user.

Interface of a device matters a lot. It is its ability to control the functions. When it comes to electronic devices the interface of the device is the most important thing when it comes to its usage. A device with low quality interface not only messes up with the general overall quality of the device but can also irritate the user. Just like the quality, the local brands try to compromise on the interface on the watch to make it cheap. So their interfaces are not up to the mark and they are very faulty and can’t control the device wholly. Martian Notifier smart watch has been built with the best and the simplest interface. It has a simple display that allows the user to read the notification and see it. Moreover it has two buttons on the interface, which allow the user to change the notification they are reading and also to open the notification.

When it comes to buying watches the first thing a person sees is its design. Whether it’s a digital smart watch, an analog smart watch or even a simple watch, the design is the first thing one sees. Making a calculation whether the watch is going to look the best on the hand or not and whether the colour of this watch is according to the liking of the user who is going to wear it or not. Buying a watch just on the basis of its quality and interface can ruin your mood when you wear it and see that this watch isn’t what you were looking for. So in order to avoid that the user will see the design and then decide which smart watch looks the best. And then make a selection of a few of the best watches and then decide which has the best specifications. Martian notifier smart watch saves you from all the troubles. It comes in three colors, black, white and red. It has a very elegant design that can be worn by both sexes. This analogue watch has been crafted to perfection and it suits every age group.

Buying a smart watch and not checking its display quality is a vague thing. Smart watches generally have either led or LCD display. Some local companies make their devices from cheaper quality materials and with this cheapening the quality of the display are also ruined. Display is an important specification when it comes to analogue smart watches. Buying a watch that has either too bright or too dim display can ruin its outlook. So choosing the perfect display is nearly as important as choosing the device in the first place. Martian notifier smart watch has been built with OLED technology which has a very moderate display and allows the user to see notifications in even bright light of the day and dark themes as well.

A watch with a beautifully crafted dial and bad strap is absolutely worthless. If the strap is uncomfortable, it can leave marks on the arm or even cause severe allergies. If the color of the strap is too bright it can ruin the outlook of the watch. And if it is made from low quality material then it won’t last longer and would eventually break, moreover it can become rusty. So in order to avoid that the quality of straps is really important. Martian notifier smart watch has changeable straps. They are made with silicon and they are of the best quality available in the market. They come in many different colors and their exceptional quality makes them really endurable and long lasting.

Battery life of a smart watch is really important specification. A smart watch having all the good specifications but lacking in battery life is worthless too. There have been many companies that try to make their smart watches with the best quality batteries but still they would not last a couple of days. And even the analog batteries don’t last for too long and generally are drained after a few months. Martian has made this smart watch to last very long on its battery life. It has a CR2 battery which is used to power the analog clock and it lasts for a period up to 2 years. While the smart watch battery once charged, can last up to good 6 days, which means that you don’t have to charge your device every day.

When it comes to buying a smart watch, one overlooks its features and determines whether the smart watch is worth it or not. There are many brands that put up the best Bluetooth connectivity, universal compatibility and even a notification support from dozens of apps. But no brand can beat Martian Notifier smart watch when it comes to the features. This smart watch has an android and an ios connectivity. It comes with support for thousands of applications. It can even show weather updates, exercise update and even emails. It has a led attached to it which notifies the user in case of a notification. Apart from the led notification, it has the vibration notification as well which can be turned off if unnecessary. It has a tap on feature which allows the user to just tap on the watch once and then it will show previously missed notifications from up to 5 minutes.

Warranty determines the credibility of a seller. A watch having no warranty can send a bad image about the seller along with the quality of the watch. And why not?. Smart watches are fragile materials. They can break easily and may malfunction at a given period of time. So in order to get them repaired or even replaced if they don’t have a warranty, can cause the buyer lots of tussle. In order to avoid that one must always look whether the seller is providing you with any warranty on the product or not. Martian provides its customers with the best customer support along with credible warranties on their watches. This Martian notifier smart watch has a limited warranty of 1 year, which can get it repaired and replaced in case of any faults.

Based on these specifications we have reviewed the Martian notifier smart watch. But our review wouldn’t be complete without a comparison. So we have compared the Martian Notifier smart watch with a watch from PEUGEOT which has the same price group.

Martian Notifier Smart watch – Black:

The Martian notifier smart watch has the following features. It has a very good interface that allows the user to control the smallest of the details. It comes with hardened glass dial and silicone steel which enhances the quality of the device. And make it more durable and better looking as well. It has changeable straps which come in many different colours. The original watch comes in 3 different colours, Red, black and white. It has a very elegant and a simple design which looks incredible on both men and women of all age groups. It has a very good battery life of up to 6 days and it has a very quick processor a well. It comes with an OLED display which is neither too bright nor too dim and is moderate enough to show notifications clearly during bright light and dark themes as well. It comes with customizable vibration alerts that allow the user to control the vibrations and the kind of alerts without even looking at the watch. It has compatibility with IOS and Android. It comes with connectivity to thousands of applications and it can control even the emails, weather and health app notifications. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and it can be bought at just 46.89$
Peugeot linQ Stainless Steel smart watch:

This smart watch costs the same as the Martian. It is made with stainless steel. Its strap too is made with stainless steel from the inner and has a leather lacing on the outer part. It too has compatibility with Android and ios devices. It comes with Linq technology that can control lots of applications, but can’t support emails. It has a 12 Led display that is too dim and sometimes gets faulty. It can be bought for just 49.99$ which is similar to that of Martian.

Product description Martian-Notifier Smart watch Peugeot-linQ smart watch
Straps Interchangeable Stainless steel and leather
Battery 6 days Not specified
Interface 10/10 8/10
Notifications Vibration alert, led Simple led
Connectivity with apps Universal linQ and some apps
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Price 46.89$ 49.99$

Final Verdict:

Martian smart watch when compared with another from a different brand clearly wins over it. Similarly this watch has the best accessories and the best features in the price group. It is very cheap and a quality watch. A must buy for every person who is a fan of smart watches. This watch has exceptional quality, an elegant design, a simple interface, connectivity with lots of applications and finally a very cheap price. What else are you looking for?


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