Top Recommended Bliss Laser Lights Review 2018

Bliss Laser Lights


Lights are very useful for us. We need them to overcome darkness. In the past people use candles for lightning but with the invention of bulb, a large variety of lights have been produced. These lights have different sizes, colors, shapes and brightness. Now a days lights are not only used for lightning but they also used for decoration. These are very useful to decorate homes during any ceremony like weddings, birthdays or Christmas. They give a beautiful effect when they blink. There are so many types of lights available these days for instance laser lights, blinking lights, LED lights, star shower lights etc. These are very bright and colorful and are very easy to assemble. Bliss laser lights are very good choice for decoration purposes. These lights are very suitable for all occasions.

Unique Features of Bliss Laser Lights:

These lights give a twinkling starry effect. In the first glance these lights look like so many stars twinkling. These are very cool and so easy to assemble. These lights are very good for the decoration of Christmas trees, houses and churches. These lights can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations. We can apply them on trees to decorate our gardens. These lights are not compatible under water so we can’t use them in swimming pools. These lights are available in many colors ie green, purple, blue and red. The green colored lights give the starry light effect, these lights can be adjusted very nicely on any desired place. Especially at night their beauty has been increases many times. During snow these lights flicker and it seems to be look like ice crystals in the air. These lights give the feeling as if hundreds of bulbs lightning on the ground. These lights are best to decorate indoors and lawns for dinner parties. These are also used as spot lights in different functions and stage plays. Due to their strong colors and patterns these lights can be used in live shows. These lights are very safe to use. There color are so much vibrant, these are also suitable for living rooms. These lights are made of high quality plastic and are very easy to plug in.

Best recommended brands of Bliss Laser Lights:

Now let’s have a look on different brands of Bliss Laser Lights available in the market for the convenience of users to choose the best one for them. This article will be very helpful for the consumers to have a look on all well known brands and select the one that suits their demands and affordability.

1: Sleep Soothing Starry Projector Laser Night Light, Bliss Lights Bliss Bulb Colorful Room LED Laser Decorative Mood Lighting Bulb:

Sleep soothing starry Projector Laser night lights are very easy to install, having standard bulb holder. These laser lights are very bright and sharp and have more and better to cover up and spotting. These lights have been certified as very harmless for the kids and pets. The bulbs used in these lights have cutting edges so they can give more beautiful lightning effect. These lights are available in two colors red and green. Their shape is just like a bulb. The voltage used in these lights is 110v. The direction of lights is up and down and the electricity consumed by these lights is just 2w which is less than all other decoration lights. The cost of these lights ranges from 20USD – 30USD

2: Bliss Lights Perma Bright LED Green:

These lights are available in three colors including green, red and blue. It has sharp edges and holographic technology is used in these lights which gives a tremendous effect. These lights have the capacity to give 50 x 50 inches coverage. These lights can be installed by power supply and cable system. These lights can work in temperature ranges from -40 C – 32 C. These lights have on and off timer and have 6 hours on time while 18 hour off time. These lights have 5 year warranty. These lights can be controlled by remote having On/Off, twinkling and blinking buttons. These lights are made of stainless steel and are mostly recommended for outdoor use. Their price ranges from 45USD – 55USD.

3: Bliss Lights 16 Color LED Remote control Accent Light:

These lights have 16 colored LED lights. These are good for outdoors like gardens. These lights can move periodically, can be fixed and have flash settings. These lights can cover 15ft x 15ft area and can be controlled by remote control. The electricity consumption of these lights is 10w. These lights are made up of aluminum covered with plastic. The voltage used by these lights is 120v and their weight is 6 pounds. These are also compatible for search fields, stop color can be changed at any time according to the user’s choice. They have minimum 1 year warranty and and their cost ranges is from 45 USD – 55USD.

4: Bliss Lights Color Purple Laser Projector with LED.

Purple Laser Projector light has in built LED 16 colored lights, the users can select any one according to their choice. It has three main functions which are changing shapes, flash and fade. The area covered by this Projector depends upon its distance. Its colors can be controlled by remote control. It is safe for both indoors and outdoors. It’s in built color is purple which gives very soft and cool effect. This light is best for indoor and outdoor parties. Its price ranges is in between 95USD – 105USD.


After discussing the different features of bliss laser lights and having a brief look on top most brands of bliss lights we can say that these lights are best for decoration. These are very easy to install and very safe to use. These lights can change the outlook of our houses and give a beautiful effect. These are best for parties and celebration of various occasions like Christmas, Weddings etc. Furthermore these lights are not very costly and affordable to everyone. These lights have a large variety of colors and patterns so make user very comfortable to choose one according to their desires. These lights are also suitable for tree decoration and looks very nice in summer nights.

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