Top Recommended Kenlin Drawer Glides Review 2018

Kenlin Drawer Glides


Furniture is one of our basic necessities, it is a compulsory part of our houses, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and every place where we live. Furniture shows our taste and personality. Since from the beginning of human civilization it is an important part of life. No activity of life can be performed without furniture. We use beds for sleeping, take lunch and dinner on dining table, Write on writing table and have make up using dressing table. A variety of furniture is available in market. There are so many styles of furniture for example Antique, Vintage, Traditional, Rustic, Art Deco, Retro, Shabby Chic, Modern, French provincial and Contemporary. Antique furniture includes more than hundred years old furniture, it is often very unique and therefore having high value. Vintage furniture includes pieces having age more than twenty five and less than hundred years. It can be easily recognized by other belongings of its time. Traditional furniture is very graceful and comfortable. Its design is very formal. Rustic furniture is made up of natural materials, it is used in industries. Art Deco is a combination of material and wood. It is based on geometrical shapes. Shiny materials like glass and metal are used in it. French provincial furniture was used in French province in 17th and 18th centuries. It has a classic shape and style. Shabby Chic has a nice style with white color, it seems very romantic. Modern furniture is that we use these days. It is very comfortable and versatile.

No matter furniture is very important for us, and its maintenance and repairing is must as it is very expensive and we can’t buy it again and again.  Furniture repairing is an art. Some people create new things from their old furniture. Old or Antique furniture is more durable than the new. Furthermore it is not possible to throw it away so we should repair it by ourselves or by some carpenter. A variety of tools is available in the market to repair our old furniture. These tools give a new look to our old furniture, which saves our money. Kenlin drawer glides are very useful tools in this regard. The customer’s reviews show that people who are using these tools are very satisfied. Old furniture become new and reusable for many years. Keeping in mind the public reviews we have created this article which will help you to choose the best product for you. Let’s have a look on the specifications and features of Kenlin drawer glides.

Unique Specifications and features of Kenlin drawer glides:

Kenlin drawer glides are very useful tool for furniture repairing. They are very easy to install, it is recommended by the company to put them in microwave in water for a few seconds before installation. They are made of plastic and become very soft when you put them into hot water. It is made up of plastic with metal base, which makes it more durable and grip the furniture more tightly. It is brown in color while its metallic base has silver color. Its color matches the furniture and gives it a new beautiful look. The metallic back plate gives it more strength and ensure that it is unbreakable.

Top Most Recommended Drawer Glides for customers

Here we are going to discuss best brands of drawer glides, so that the customer can choose one that suits his demands and affordability.

1: Kenlin Improved Commercial Style Rite-Track II Guides and Glides:-

Its Assembled length is 2 inches, width is 3 inches, height is 2 inches, depth is 3 inches and diameter is of 2 inches. Its model number is Kenlin L5CRT-2SET. It is compatible for all known furniture companies like Legacy, Vaughan Bassett, Pulaski and many others. These are suitable for cupboards and drawers. Kenlin drawer glides have been given thirty days money back warranty from the date of purchase. If there is any problem with installation or fittings the item can be replaced with in thirty days. It is available in a packing of five glides. Each pack costs from $ 40 to $ 50.

2: Prime-Line R7321 Drawer Track Guide and Glides:-

These are made of plastic, are brown in color and are suitable for almost all types of furniture drawers. They are very easily and quickly installed. They are fit for Kenlin Rite Track I system. They are available in a kit having two glides, two guides, four corner glides and eight screws. It is perfect for hutches, dressers and drawers. Price of each glide ranges is in between $ 5 to $ 10.

3: Slide-Co 223887 Drawer Track Guides and Glides:-

These 223887 guides are fit for Kenlin Rite Track I, they are also made of brown plastic. They are suitable for variety of items. They are very easily installed and have a very perfect fit. It is also available in a kit having two glides, two guides, four corner glides, eight nails and eight screws. It can be installed very quickly and gives an expensive fit. Its weight is 0.8 ounces and size is 1.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches. Its price ranges is in between $ 6 to $ 15.


After having a detailed discussion about Kenlin drawer glides, comparing it with other items having same properties and keeping in mind the reviews of users we are able to make our conclusion. At the end we may conclude that furniture repairing is must to keep the furniture in working condition. If the handle of the drawer has been broken, we can’t throw the whole dresser. Similarly if the drawer of a cabinet is damaged we can’t let it spare. Some people love Antique furniture which again need maintenance. So for the maintenance we need tools, now we had a best option to buy Kenlin drawer glides which are very easy to assemble, easily available everywhere and are not costly so they are affordable for everyone. Moreover there Color is brown which can be matched with furniture and gives a very neat look. It also gives strength to the old furniture due to its metallic guide, and makes a perfect fit. The people who have used it are very satisfied because it gives the old furniture a new look and make it even more beautiful than its original shape. So it saves our money and our favorite furniture to be wasted. We can also create new items by changing their paint and polish of the furniture, so by these tools and different ideas we can make out useless furniture items useful again.




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