Top Recommended Masterbuilt 40 Inch Smoker Review 2017

Masterbuilt 40 Inch Smoker


Food is something we all crave about. It is one of the things that keeps us alive. People have different taste buds and crave for different things at various times. Some are more inclined towards saltish food while others may focus on their sweet tooth. Everyone has unique flavors developed according to the things they have been fed since their childhood. Hence food is something we think of and have water in our mouth due to the simple fantasy of eating it. Different things are cooked differently hence multiple tools are required to cook the food you want. Some like rice more than anything, while some like food that has curry and some are fond of barbecued food or baked stuffed. Well everyone has a unique choice. But here is a great deal for those who love food that is cooked on charcoals as, at various times charcoal is not available, some times there is no space in your home to cook on charcoal as you need the whole set up, and some times it might be raining that you can not cook on charcoal and enjoy the weather due to the reason that you need open air to cook on charcoal but the weather does’nt allow. Hence the best solution for all such problems is Masterbuilt Digital Smoker which works electrically. It is one the great inventions that allows you to enjoy your favorite food anytime of the year.

What Is So Special About It?

This Masterbuilt digital smoker is such a phenomenal thing to have at your home that it even reduces the burden on your shoulders. The features it beholds are so unique and great that it makes it stand out amongst other smokers. Firstly it has four chrome coated smoking racks which has the ability of smoking 100 pounds of food. Secondly it has the built-in meat probe thermometer which allows you to supervise the cooking meat and let it cook to the perfect tenderness and softness. Thirdly this digital smoker has an integrated thermostat temperature control so that you can have even and consistent cooking of your food at proper smoking temperatures. Furthermore this smoker has RF remote controls which allows you to switch on and off according to your need. That remote allows you to see the temperature, time of cooking, light and it even capable of monitoring the internal meat temperature. Moving on, it has high output LED lights which illuminates the food in low light when the door is opened so that you can check the food that is whether it is cooked properly or not. Another very intriguing feature of this digital smoker is this that it has the front control panel design which allows for more prepping space on top of the smoker that works great as a feature. This digital smoker even has a patented side wood chip loading system to add chips without opening the door of the smoker so that the internal temperature and heat is not disturbed. The water pan, drip pan, wood chip tray and front acess grease pan are removable from the smoker so that it can be cleansed easily and properly. Furthermore this digital smoker by Masterbuilt has a top air damper so that the smoke can be controlled. And to further monitor the heat there is a adjustable door latch that helps in retaining the heat and smoker. Moving this smoker is an easy task to do because of the handles and wheels it has for moving it from one place to another with quite ease. Such features of this digital smoker by Masterbuilt make it a good choice to make and appropriate one to have. This allows you to cook food of your choice in smoke anytime you like irrespective of weather conditions as you need to consider weather conditions while you go for cooking food on charcoal. It is safe to use whenever you like to. Moreover the chance of burning yourself is reduced highly because the food cooks itself in the smoker. And another important thing is this that it not time consuming rather works according to your time and temperature.


Here are few of the visible and significant specifications of this Masterbuilt Digital Smoker.

Weight 73 pounds
Heating Element 1200 Watt
Cooking Space 975 sq.inches
Works With Electricity
Length 19.5 inches
Width 25 inches
Height 40.2
Color Black with stainless door


Best Recommended Masterbuilt 40 Inch Smoker

Some of the best Masterbuilt smokers are recommended here for your better and deep understanding of these smokers.

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and RF Remote Control, 40-Inch. This is a phenomenal smoker by Masterbuilt which works great allows you to cook food of your choice whenever you like to. It is sensitive to harsh cleaning liquids hence it is recommended to clean it with luke warm water and apple cider vinegar after using it. The price of this smoker is just $365-$367.

Masterbuilt 20070115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker, 40-Inch. Here is another 40 inch smoker that cooks the food in the best way which is in smoke. The food that is cooked with smoke is healthy and best for those who go for losing weight as less oil is used while cooking the food. The cost of this smoker is just $409-$411.

Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch. This is another smoker by Masterbuilt but the main difference in this smoker is this that it is the propane smoker that is it works with gas well. It has great heating and the capacity for cooking food is also quite enough that you can cook multiple things at the same time. the cost of this smoker is just $149-4151.


However food is love and having food with your loved ones creates memories that can be recalled and feel that emotion again and again. Food makes you nostalgic because of this very reason that it reminds you of those with whom you had it. The taste of certain peoples food is just great. These Masterbuilt smokers are great for cooking great food with smoke.

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