Top Recommended Vibram Water Shoes Review 2018

Vibram Water Shoes


For any activity or a challenge, the selection of right footwear is an important task. The right shoes protect our feet and motivate us to accept any challenge and keep us going on. There are some activities like kayaking, water sports, tubing, boating, hiking on wet terrain, and swimming out of pool and fishing in which different tasks are performed by moving across water. For all these activities and in order to explore coastlines and inland waterways, it is necessary to keep the feet wet. Not any shoes will be fine in the water. For this purpose special type of footwear are designed. These are also beneficial for aquatic fitness. The water footwear is made up of mesh. During the activities like walking in wet and rocky environments, prevention is very necessary to avoid cuts and abrasions. The water shoes can prevent those cuts and used to protect the feet of people specially while walking on sharp-rocked floors and zebra mussels. The main purpose is to keep the feet of wearer wet and not dry. Water shoes are specially designed for those purposes having a hard sole. Majority of the water shoes have thick soles and they cover the entire foot of the wearer to protect the feet from hot surfaces and hard rocks and shells. The water shoes prevent the toes to be stubbed and increase heel cushioning. In some areas like Finger lakes where an infestation of sharp-edged mussels are used to be happen, water shoes are very essential. The water shoes are so flexible and light-weight designed. The water shoes give an ideal balance of protection and comfort. With the feature of enhancing breath-ability which helps to keep feet cool, the flexible material of water shoes also provide insulation that is keeping feet warm in cold water. This is really important for better circulation. For the enjoyment of beach with family and paddling down a river, water shoes are must as they keep the feet protected and so comfortable so that wearer can enjoy each moment of his adventure. Vibram S.P.A is an Italian company of footwear. It manufactures the Vibram-branded rubber outsoles for footwear and also gives the license of their production.  The company is named after its founder, Vitale Bramani. The credit of first rubber lug gave to the founder of Vibram.

Attractive Features and Qualities

Initially, leather soles are used on mountaineering boots which are fitted with steel cleats and hobnails but now Vibram soles have replaced them. Vibram is the best known company for its quality and being extremely dependable. The Vibram soles were designed to provide outstanding traction on the surfaces of a wide range. The special thing about the Vibram soles is that the soles have a high degree of abrasion resistance. They were made by using the latest vulcanized rubber. Vibram water shoes are constructed with a stretched polyester mesh upper that drains out water and air allowing the feet of wearer to breathe easily and his feet would not get soggy. There is a WAVEGRIP rubber coating on the bottom of the shoes. A WAVEGRIP is a non-marking rubber compound which prevents the shoes to ruin the floors. It provides the best grip on the wet surfaces. The Vibram water shoes are so light almost like walking barefoot. After wearing, these shoes are fitted to the feet like gloves in fact, better than gloves. The toes of the wearer will perfectly in the sockets and it feels so good while walking like wearing nothing. The Vibram Five Fingers water shoes are super thin and flexible. These shoes are considered to be the best shoes as the Vibram is a trusted and the most promising brand. These are mostly used by rowers, surfers, explorers, kayakers and SUP fanatics. The highlighted feature is an adjustable velco straps allowing the wearer to slip in seamlessly.  They provide fantastic grip and comfort on the water surface. The Vibram water shoes can be used for paddle boarding, surfing and walking along the sea shore. These shoes are designed with a split toe specially designed for swimming. These shoes provide the best grip by Vibram rubber outsole. These shoes provide amazing protection from hard rocks. The quality is quite good more than our expectation. The Vibrant water shoes come in different sizes and vibrant colors. The design is quite bolder and darker than ordinary boring water shoes. This bold and attractive design gives the really rugged definition to your style. The best thing about the Vibram water shoes is that they drain water so quickly so that at the end of the day, these shoes can be packed easily into a dry bag. These all features make the vibram water shoes much worth than their price.

Best Recommended Vibram Water Shoes with their Characteristics

Vibram Water Shoes for women

The link given below can help you in buying the vibram water shoes for women. These are imported shoes with synthetic sole. Its shaft measures approximately low-top from arch.  The Silicone print inside the shoe provides a secure fit just like a glove. It has mega grip vibram rubber and a machine wash cold and air dry. These are beautiful v-aqua grey and blue shoes look very nice. These shoes allow natural feet movement and offer protection for water activities, when going barefoot is not an option. Their price range is from $68.96 to $90.00.

Water Shoes & Beach Swim Shoes for men and women

The link given below can help you in buying the vibram fabric water shoes for both men and women. These shoes have rubber soles with a really comfortable and thick foam arch-support. The features include anti-slip rubber sole with an ergonomically molded, shock absorption performance cushioning separated protective toe guard. These all features collectively make an excellent workmanship to prevent the seams around the toes fray and split within a short time. The rubber inside the shoes makes them flexible yet thick enough to protect the feet from stepping on rock and stone. These shoes have unique and top-quality sole with seven holes on each bottom to ensure proper water flow out of them which creates a cooler and healthier shoe environment, quick-dry, super comfortable during water sports and adventures. They are designed with breathable and smooth fabrics with fine stretch on uppers that make them flexible and comfortable. A smooth designed neck prevents chafing when wearing these water shoes., These shoes are super lightweight and flexible just like socks or gloves that make wearer feel great and comfortable in wearing. One pair of these shoes can make you more different, fashionable and always ready for the new challenges and adventures. They are available here in the price range from $14.99 to $19.99.

Vibram Women’s Athletic Water Shoes

These are imported shoes with synthetic sole and designed with abrasion resistant stretch polyester mesh upper for the athletes. These shoes have drainage holes and wave grip outsole for an amazing grip on the wet surfaces. They can be washed in machine and dried in air. The signature Five Fingers water sport shoes are ultra-thin, flexible and lightweight. An ideal shoe for rowers, surfers, kayakers and sup fanatics as these shoes provide grip and comfort out on the water and pack easily into a dry bag at the end of the day. They are available here in the price range of $46.69 to $149.21.


If you are looking for the water shoes for activities like kayaking, water sports, tubing, boating, hiking etc. This is the best option for you. The Vibram water shoes are so flexible, comfortable and light-weighted that a wearer is feeling almost like walking barefoot. The best features of the Vibram water shoes include their breathable and smooth fabrics, WAVEGRIP rubber coating on the bottom and anti-slip rubber sole make them best water shoes. The price range is quite expansive but quality is definitely worth it.


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