What is a Lokai Bracelet?

  Lokai Bracelet Meaning

Life is an unpredictable journey, generally is referred to a surprise test with no syllabus given; the result of every test teaches us something that adds up in our experience book, and with the help of that book we tend to tackle the impediments that life throws in our way yet we are never fully prepared and we cannot expect ourselves to be prepared completely, for human beings term Perfection is nonexistent. There are inevitable ups and downs that a person needs to go through in order to progress in life, most of the time there is a missing element in people’s life and that is of hope and motivation. Sometimes all one need is a positive feeling in life in order to stand up again and accept the second chance that life offers. Lokai bracelet somehow refers to the similar dilemma that almost every human being on the face of this earth faces during their lifetime. This bracelet is made up of beads that are infused with elements from the highest point of the earth that is Mount Everest and the lowest point of the earth that is the Dead Sea. There are several white beads that are infused with the water from the highest peak on earth; The Mount Everest, and one black bead placed in the centre infused with the mud from the bottom of the lowest point on earth; The Dead Sea. The key objective of this bracelet is to give an idea of humbleness at the time when one has everything and feels at the top of the world as well as an idea of hopefulness at the time when the person hits the lowest point in their life, because the time never remains the same, it revolves like a cycle for everyone just like seasons in a year. When there is a good season going on for somebody, simultaneously there would be somebody who might be facing the worst fall of their life which can be metaphorically stated as a bad season, but during the course of that cycle, the conditions would change and it is not impossible that the both conditions may exchange their fortunes. Thus, as mentioned in the beginning that life is unpredictable and is changing its course of motion every second, so the balance in their behavior at the highest and lowest is eminently important for human beings.

People generally lose hope as soon as something unusual happens to them. There are millions of examples of people attempting suicide, getting into depression, becoming un naturally introvert and so many other that could be counted just because they think that the present situation is their fortune and they would have to deal with it for the rest of their lives, Lokai bracelet somehow acts as a reminder as well as a motivation to such people who lose hope In themselves and in their lives, and become pessimistic about the fact that any good thing could happen to them. This bracelet reminds them that every low has a high. Similarly, the people when they reach the highest point of their lives become arrogant and proud neglecting the fact that they are human beings. Some of them consider themselves standing God for what they have achieved and also start treating other fellow beings as their inferior. This bracelets reminds them that today you may are the water of the Everest but never forget that your foundation has always been mud and it will always be until you die. Thus, a person must never forget where he came from and where the life can take him since every high has a low just as every low has a high. So one must stay grounded and humbled in whatever condition life keeps them in.

The idea of this bracelet is by Steven Izen, who says that he got the idea of balance in life when his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer; an ailment where patients have problem with their brain, behavior, thinking and memory. He says that he was extremely heartbroken but at the same time he was glad for all the memories he and his grandfather had shared. That is when he realized that life does not remain same for anyone, it indeed changes.  He created this brand of bracelet on the basis of this idea that is quite appealing and is of grave importance for people to understand the reality of life in every aspect and phase.

The lokai brand, however has been doing wonderfully well as far as its sale is concerned. They have been on sale at more than 5000 locations in 170 countries.  A few stars seem to be obsessed with the bracelet as they have been seen wearing and carrying it wherever they go as in Ashely benson, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Christina Perri, Victoria Justice, Ashely Greene, Emma Roberts and many others. The main reason to the popularity of this bracelet is not just the great meaning behind it but a lovely and elegant look that goes out for everyone irrespective of their gender.

As the sale of the bracelet is quite well, thus owner of the brand Steven Izen has earned almost $7 million till date and gives 10% of the net profit to charity, which depicts that he himself believes and implements in his own life, what he sells; that is the idea of the bracelet to remain grounded and humbled when you have everything to live for. One should not only remain hopeful themselves but spread that among others and help as much as they can to make sure that the other person who might be at a point which is considerably lower than yours doesn’t lose the hope to live. Because one can never feel what the other person may be going through until and unless they have to step in to their shoes, because only then one can see where they hurt from.

Lokai Bracelets have the best design, they come in different colours and design and look absolutely stunning. The classic white or black lokai bracelet is transparent and has two infused beads. The beads are infused with water from Everest and soil from the black sea. They have a beautiful design, come in different sizes and look good on every hand. But apart from looking good and elegant the story and the moral lesson behind them is really touching and heart warming. They are better than jewellery and other bracelets made with expensive materials as their only purpose is to look good. But lokai bracelets are our daily reminder to have balance in life and to enjoy the details of life.

We tried to review lokai bracelet in order to see whether they are really worth it or not. Our review is based on a few specifications.

They are the abilities and qualities of a device or a machine or a product. It is important to see the specifications of a product before buying it as it saves you from lots of trouble of getting the product changed if you bought a new one. Moreover it allows you to do a cost and benefit analysis and to check whether the product is worth your money or not. In case of lokai bracelets, its specifications are the quality of material, durability, designs, moral meaning/lesson if they have any, sizes and lastly the ease of use.

Now even after the lokai bracelet is a moral bracelet that has a meaning attached to it, is it jewellery after all, which means that it apart from teaching you a moral lesson must lesson must also look good and cute on your arm. So lokai decided to make this bracelet in different colours, therefore this bracelet from Lokai comes in different colours. Each colour symbolises an important thing and has different charity schemes. For example the 10% money from the purple lokai bracelet is given to Alzheimer’s treatment organization. Similarly the amount from the red lokai bracelet goes to RED foundation. The amount from the coloured world lokai bracelet goes to workers who help refugees.

Quality of a bracelet is a really important thing as it determine a lot of things. If you buy a low quality product, it will get faulty and might even break. But Lokai bracelets are made with the best quality beads that can take a lot of pressure, and are water proof, which means that unlike some bracelets they won’t lose their colour and their texture which is a plus point.

How will it look on your arm? It is a very important question that is on the mind of every person that buys bracelets. Buying a product at is too shabby or has uncool colours and design can ruin your image and convey a bad image about your personality. But lokai bracelet is made in such a way that it looks elegant and enhances your overall outlook.

Durability of a product a product determines the time it will endure harsh or even normal conditions without breaking. Some companies in order to make their products cheaper use low quality elastic and threads which breaks eventually, causing the user a huge loss. But Lokai bracelets are made with hardened materials that have the ability to last long under all sorts of rough and coarse conditions. Moreover their elastic is pretty great and it won’t break unless you cut it with a pair of scissors.

Buying a bracelet that meets all your requirements, having the perfect size, the colour of your liking, an exceptional moral value, beautiful design and a good quality but it lacks comfort and cause irritation, moreover it leaves marks on your wrist, well what good is that bracelet for? Absolutely a waste of money. But lokai bracelet won’t disappoint you when it comes to comfort. It’s polished beads are easy on the skin, they don’t cause any rashes and not even marks after uses of longer period.

What good is a bracelet that doesn’t fit your arm. In order to solve that problem lokai bracelets come in 4 different sizes. The small bracelet has a circumference 6’’, the medium has 6.5’’ size, while the large has 7’’ size and the extra large has a size of 7.5’’. So this means that this bracelet fits on every arm, from adolescents to larger men and women, it will fit everybody.

Based on these specifications, we tried to review Lokai bracelet. Here is a detailed description of the product.

Lokai classic bracelet:

This elegant product from lokai is in white colour. It has several transparent beads and one white and a black bead as well. The white bead has water from mount Everest infused in it while the black bead has soil from the black sea. The white bead symbolizes greatness as Everest is the highest point on earth, it teaches us that no matter what great point we are in life, we must never forget to be humble. The black bead symbolizes hope, hope when we are at our lowest points in life and don’t have anything to look up to. The bracelet comes in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. The small bracelet has a circumference 6’’, the medium has 6.5’’ size, while the large has 7’’ size and the extra large has a size of 7.5’’. So this means that this bracelet fits on every arm, from adolescents to larger men and women, it will fit everybody. And it is not very expensive either. This bracelet can be bought between 13-33$ from trusted sellers.

Wear Your World Lokai Bracelet:

This elegant bracelet from Lokai is made with collaboration with Trip Advisor. The 10% charity from every bracelet goes to  International Rescue Committee’s work helping refugees whose countries and lives have been shattered by conflict and disaster. It has the same white and black bead that are meant to give a sense of balance to your life. The white bead has water from Mount Everest while the black bead has soil from dead sea. It can be bought between 13-33$.


Lokai Neon Limited Edition Bracelet:

This bracelet comes in the best colours from lokai. They  supports Make-A-Wish® in helping strengthen and empower children battling life-threatening medical conditions. Your purchase will help Make-A-Wish® come closer to achieving their ultimate vision- making every medically-eligible child’s wish come true. Moreover it has the same moral lesson of balance in life. The white bead has water from Everest and the black bead has soil from dead sea. It can be bought for a very good price of 13 to 33$. The price depends from seller to seller.

Lokai Purple limited edition bracelet:

This bracelet form Lokai donates 10% of its charity to the Alzheimer’s association whose purpose is the end Alzheimer’s and Dementia, moreover to improve the health and living conditions of those affected by the diseases. It has the same meaning. It has a white bead which has water from Everest and a black bead which has soil from Dead Sea. It comes in 4 different sizes of small, medium, large and extra-large. It can be bought between 8-28$.

Lokai Water limited edition bracelet:

663 million people in the world live without clean water. The 10% charity from every bracelet goes to water association whose job is to make sure that those people get clean water. This bracelet comes in 4 different sizes. Its white bead has water from Everest and black one has soil from Dead Sea. It symbolises the same balance in life. It can be bought between 8-28$.

Lokai Shark Bracelet:

Lokai has teamed up with discovery network in order to maintain the balance of marine and shark life in the ocean. The 10% amount from every shark bracelet goes to the channel which restores the balance in the ocean. Moreover the white and black bead which have water from Everest and dead sea respectively are there to remind you to have balance in your life. This bracelet comes in 4 different sizes and can be bought between 8-28$.

Lokai Breast Cancer limited bracelet:

After every two minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. Lokai has teamed up with breast cancer association to find a cure for this disease. So the 10% charity from this bracelet goes to breast cancer association. It comes in 4 different sizes of small, medium, large and extra large. And it can be bought between 8-28$. Moreover it has the same black and white bead which symbolize balance in life and have the same water from Everest and Soil from dead sea to remind you that you need to humble when at greatness and hopeful when at lowest.

Product Description Lokai classic bracelet
Colour White, transparent and a black bead
Size 4, Small, medium, large and extra-large
Comfort Yes, polished beads
Moral lesson Highs and lows in life
Charity Yes, 10
Price 23.00$


Final verdict:

There are two good things about Lokai bracelets, number 1 is that they have a great moral lesson attached to them and they are our daily reminder to have to have balance in life, number two is them the best bracelets in the market today. They are not that much pricy compared to their design and their specifications. Moreover they donate 10% of the money earned from every bracelet to charity organizations which means that you are not only maintaining the balance in your life, but in the world as well with this little you are actually doing the world a good thing by buying these bracelet as they are used to fund a lot of different charity organization which enhance the balance in the world.


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